Ricky Bynight loves Jozi & I think the feelings mutual…

On Thursday last week I hopped onto a mango-flavoured aircraft (yes I did lick the plane to check) and departed to the cooking hot city of Jozi for a weekend that included the likes of Electric Mansion, a poker game and Hidro’s birthday.

The whole trip started off with a bit of a whirlwind vibe, with me almost missing the flight up due to having too many drinks in the ABSA Platinum VIP lounge (ooh, can you feel the name drop). I arrived in the Gangsters Paradise just after 9 and was picked up at the airport by Von Lurie, who had a couple of welcome to Jozi gifts with him that he recommended as key for getting through a weekend in Jozi… Basically he gave me a gun, pack of mandrax and a fresh R200 note to bride the cops (ok, he didn’t actually give me any of that- but still. Jozi is dangerous ok?!).

We proceeded to meet up with a couple of other mates and went for a quick drink down at the Newscafe in Sandton, which very quickly turned into a bottle of Patron and Tequila being punished by us and Rist One (a graffiti artist you’ll all be hearing a little more about soon). As they do when MyCityByNight is around, things started to get a little messy- within a little bit I was spading girls with not so exotic names and almost getting felt up by a gay Afrikaaaner. Wowzers.


Thankfully I managed to escape the scene with my pride relatively in tact only to decide that it would be a good idea to go to Sandon Hilton Hotel at some ridonculous time of the morning for a bit of a nightcap. As you could imagine, the bar was closed but after a spot of using the MyCityByNight charm we managed to convince the Legends at the Hilton Hotel to open it just for us, even though we weren’t even staying there!!! 🙂

Von Lurie took me on massive tour of Jozi and I ended visiting most of the city’s sights apart from the back of a Police van (thankfully). I even had the pleasure of meeting up with Liesldb from the Twitter universe for a quick drink at Central Grill with someone who turned out to be one of the coolest peeps around- THANK YOU SOCIAL MEDIA… I love meeting new peeps!

Saturday was Hidro’s birthday and we celebrated in fine fashion after the previous night’s antics at Tokyo Star and a poker game at a mate’s house (no not strip poker) with sport on a massive projector screen that he had hired for the day.

That night was the massive Electric Mansion, which was an event with some of the best production I have ever seen in South Africa!! This event deserves an entire post dedicated to the event itself and you can expect that from me first thing tomorrow morning… Still fairly shattered from the weekend, hehe.


Things are relatively crazy up in Jozi, you really notice the fact that you are more likely to die there than in any other city in SA with everyone rushing around and angry, hooting and throwing signs at the robots… One thing is for sure though, you all are super friendly and I’ll be back up from Cape Town for a good party sooner rather than later!!!!!


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  1. It certainly was a coooker of a weekend!
    Was awesome to have Ricky up here for a little MCBN Jozi tour!
    We did so well, ripped Jozi up, i think the only fail was an early flight Sunday…. but we made it!

    Nice 1 Ricky, hope to check you soon 🙂

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