Rich kids of Instagram

We’ve all seen them- they’ve got boats, gold-plated AK47’s and copius amounts of cash, they are…The Rich Kids of Instagram. One of my mates told me to go and check out a Tumblr site that has been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the past couple of months because of it’s no holds barred look into the filter, filter send Worlds of rich kids that love taking photos of shit to put on Instagram.

The cast of the Tumblr blog that has been around since July 13th is made up of a collection of photos found on Instagram that best show rich young people living in excess. Rich Kids of Instagram really is starting to become one of my guilty pleasures. If I was brutally honest, I probably would try to buy myself a gold plated weapon if I was inline to inherit over 15 Billion like Tom Ierna, a 19-year-old self-described “entrepreneur, New Yorker, blogger, mogul.”  This dude has been featured several times on RKOI, once showing the world a Versace gold-plated AK47, which to his credit says he does not own. (he was just browsing in an East Hampton boutique and happened to come across the tasteful piece of crime inspired jewelry).

These kids really live in excess, they party in the craziest places, rack up the hugest bills and install water-slides off the side of a yacht– that shit kray. Some people says it’s a poor representation of what people are like but in my opinion they get it just right… too much cash makes you crazy. Naturally there are plans to make RKOI into a full blown reality series for us to watch and bitch about with nothing concrete agreed on as yet (I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before these kids cash in on an extra little bit of fame).

What’s your verdict? Are these kids just dicks or should they be flaunting the crazy cool stuff that they do on daily basis for all the less fortunate out there to see?

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  1. let them do what they want, but like that one kid found out, you should be careful what you post. family wasn’t to happy with the location of certain things posted. a huge security risk.

  2. Sad sad sad when people indulge in excess and life becomes all about what u have and not what u are!!!

    Why not do something TRULY awesome with your money…. get a friggen sport and become an Olympian (At least you could sponsor yourself) or something that you can look back on when ure old and senile and say.. YEAH…..I FUCKING DID THAT !!!!…then post pics.

    U seen one mansion…u seen them all! Gone to one party…gone to them all!

    Plus they are not rich HAHA…their parents/family are, imagine going through life not “accomplishing” anything… BORING!!!!!!

    Pics are entertaining though, I wont lie and say I don’t get jealous or envious O_o But a pretty butterfly on a beautiful day with beautiful people is worth more to me!

    Light & Laughter

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