Rhodes Drive Madness [Video]

While taking a read through the Weekend Argus, I came across this article titled: “Speedster posts 180km/h video on website” and I immediately carried on reading. Turns out this guy and his passenger were taking a cruise up Rhodes Drive from Newlands toward Hout Bay and filmed the whole thing. There are times when you can hear the passenger boasting that they have just hit 180km/h.

1st of all: MyCityByNight does not condone this kind of thing,

2nd of all: MyCityBynight does not encourage this kind of behaviour


Very naughty…

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    1. I’ve always been a huge fan of that boxer engine… One of my dream cars is a scooby wrx sti (pre facelift)… All black with the gold rims and massive dump valves… Say what???!! Yes please- will look quite tasty parked next to the Championship Type R 😉

      1. 2002 bug STI in white with black Rota Grid wheels
        Carbon Fibre inserts and 35% tints.. Bass ass scoobies FTW!

        This guy could have been passing it better….

        1. Agreed Blair… What do you think of the new STi? I drove it and to be honest thought that the old was a bit better, although this one is far more forgiving if you do decide to lift off in the corner for some bizarre reason (crapping yourself from fear or something)…

  1. Kenni I never liked the Hatch to be honest, but I was lucky enough to pedal one around my hood (WRX not STI)! The New shape has amazing lines but i think it is a bit heavier than the hatch is.. Although the new spec is the fastest scooby to date..! so it shouldn’t feel any bit “sluggish”

  2. The guy can’t even corner. Pretty poor driving skills. Now we’ll see lotsa copycats all trying to best his speed. If he gets away with it then I think nobody will bother with road rules in future.

    1. Damn- lets see if we can get it from somewhere else… The police must be stoked.

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