Rezonance NYE Festival 2010!!!


Competition Time:

We have got two single tickets to give away to the biggest New Years Eve party in Cape Town. So if you would like to go party out in the open, outdoors with another 4/5000 other liked minded folk for free. Then you are in the right place.

What we need you to do is:

1.) Like this article and share it with your friends

2.) Comment below and tell us why you want to go to Rezonance for New Years Eve 2010/2011

Winners will be announced and emailed on the 30th of December.

THIS IS FOR 2010!! NOT 2011/2012…

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Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…


  1. I mean, I know I enter a few of your competitions in a hope to get free stuff and to highten my image as a Blogger, meeting new ppl who are internet whizz kids.

    But this time I really actually want to win because you will be changing my life and one of my lucky mates. I also smell a nice little late comp for the final golden ticket, ie my plus 1 on my blog 😉 It is my birthday on the 31st December, yes I am a new year baby, that’s why I am so cool and stuff and drink a lot. Please spare me the cost of this fairly expensive item, so that I can purchase more party presents for the boys!!!

    This also actually happend to be the 8th year anniversary of trance for me, after my first was a new year party back in 2002. I think I am a deserving candidate who has done his time on the front lines and have stuck to the crews customer promise of SLEW NATIONS pretty damn well!

  2. lol Cant you guys think of a better way to do these competitions? All of them are the same!

    1. Dean, we just keeping it easy man! People complained when they were “too hard” and now people complain when they are simple and easy.

      We will look to change them up in the future for you bro!

  3. Hmmm, why would I want to go to New Years Rezonance? I think that is a rather ridiculous question, but I will play along. I really want to go this year in particular because I missed last years New Years all together.. wasn’t able to party in any form whatsoever due to certain circumstances. Prior to that I had been to each new years trance party since I knew anything about trance parties!

    This year I am desperately needing to win a free ticket somehow as funds are severely limited so if MCBN could help me out with a ticket I would be eternally grateful!!! I need to be able to let loose on the dancefloor this year and frolick in the summer sun with the countless other jolly jammers! so please please pretty please help me make this a New Years to remember!

  4. Well I will obviously be partying like a rockstar but of course. And good old ricky doesn’t answer his cell phone so I got stuck without a ticket for mcqp and had to get some other high and mighty peeps to hook me up one,so I never received that ticket I won. So I think that’s fare enough

  5. I would LOVE to win the tickets. I think I’m in the same position as most stompers….. Tight with money, and amped for extra spending money. This will be my first Rezonance experiance and cannot wait. I’m really not to amped to walk around the gates selling myself 😛

  6. Dylan when you say you & Dan should split it…I hope ur talking about me as you know all my money is going to the TITTIES & I love a awesome party as much as you 😉

  7. For the past week and abit I have been asked the annoyingly unanswerable question…. ” DUDE… what you doin’ for New years? ”

    You’ve probably heard those same words from several people who, just like you and me, are wanting to party into 2011 so hard that they’ll only recover by the time 2012 is around the corner… so its just like a big circle… but with corners?

    Anyways! Rezonance is def the only place I wanna be when the big hand and the lil hand b!tch slaps us into midnight(12)and the new year begins. I’ll probably quit drinking, smoking and McD’s… but then make a rule that Rezonance is international waters when it comes to Life Choice Laws.
    But the thing is that Rezonance is just Musically awesome… We got JamJar takin your head! neck! hands…LOW! Good ‘ol goldfish given us some of their sweet new vibes. DnB legend NiskerOne will be my highlight for Sho! and on top of all that I can Stomp to rezonating trance all day an night!…

    I made the the mistake of going too big on xmaz gifts so this dream of a rezonance New Year has become two zero’s too many for my bank balance. But I bet everyones got the same problem.. which is Pretty dam heartbreaking :*( So I reckon I should win… the power of “Love of Fun but got no money” is strong with me … Cause I wana go to Rezonance I really really do! I even got a buddy going who suffers from insomnia so no matter what I’ll always have a jammin partner!
    Shot for the hope! and Merry Xmas!

  8. R_eally keen to spend 3
    E_xciting days of
    Z_oel smoking,
    O_range eating, doing
    N_othing but relaxing, dancing
    A_nd head banging, meeting
    N_ew people and
    C_elebrating New Yrs
    E_ve at REZONANCE

    You’ve got to admit, the above is very creative…give me a ticket 😀

  9. im a new year baby n wat wud b a beta way 2end da memorable year lyk 2010 n start a new year than jamin alnyt long with 4/5000 people! N it b ma 1st tym 2win ne comp inma lyf i wan2 win mycibynight cn mke it al happen in 1email. Wich im hopin mycitbynight do..

  10. Why I should win a ticket is cause firstly I have never experienced a trance new years! You probably ask why,but that’s cause I was too involved in the nightclub industry hence having to work previous new years! I am a party animal by nature and I think Rezonance needs to experience a true party animal at their party! I am a safe party goer-i don’t take drugs & I party harder than most people! I am looking to have a fun new years with rad people and I think this would be the ultimate new years party! Please craig and the boys,give a sister a chance 😉



    REZONANCE is the place to be…full of psy and the chilling marquees..
    No need for impression, just lose yourself, in the music…while in the veld…there’s trees and nature all around you,all you need is ur buddies and boose….get intouch with your ireyness, get that ultimate feeling of bliss… PLEASE give it to ME!! I NEED TO BE THERE…I NEED TO BE PART OF THAT ATMOSPHERE….I HAVE GOT 20 mates to JAM with me….SO ALL im ASKING is to be rewarded this INSANEABLE ticket….


    REZONANCE is the place to be…

  12. Hmmm…this is a tough question…I want a ticket and really think i should get one coz everyone knows, i am rezonance…even with blood red eyes in the morning and covered in mud, i mean, what would a new years party be without me…thats right! crap! that and i wanna run around screaming TWOBUM!!!! TWO BUM!! TWOOOOOO BUUUUUM!! For 48 hours 🙂 I’ll even catch you a fish with my bare hands…But on top of that i am just f#@!king keen to here some banging psy on that floor aaahhhh….bliss! Missed a few parties this season so i wanna make up for it on new years! UNTS UNTS UNTS!! 🙂 so help me help you and throw a ticket my way…i shall not disappoint you!


    REZONANCE is the place to be…LOSING your mind under trees..ITS TIME TO PSY its time FLARE so c’mON guys I GOTTA BE THERE!! friends and boose is how i cruise..get in touch with ireyness is the key…or just cheeeeelin under sweet marquees..I have 20 mates stomping hard at rezonance new years eve…so please please please let me be, winning that ticket is all need.

    READY TO PSY!!!!!!!


    1. it’s Frans first New Years Psy and she needs these tickets to come…. it just won’t be as epic without her!!!! oh and she will flare!

      1. I second Fran, she has to be there! its great how well she recovered from her operation and she deserves to be partying on new years with all her friends.

  14. hello…
    OK the reasons for wanting to win are prob too time consuming for you guys especially seeing as though u only have til 30 DEC b4 u gotta announce… well started this whole trance scene this season thanks to a friend who brought me along to sprung.. mm lets just say things were all trippin’ uphill from there! i have NEVER heard a better lineup than vortex’s Sunday seshhh n when i looked at the lineup for this party now, i literally cried! haha OK no baby sobs..but the river was aflow!
    so i mean there are many obvious reasons as to y any1 would be attracted to this party and I’m sure you know full well why this party is not to be missed.. but since it is approx 4am and I have been and still am trying my all to get this ticket I’ll say a lil poem for you (may serve as some entertainment at least if nothing else :P)to express whatever it is exactly that my sub-conscience is feeling toward the event and my NEED to win this ticket. k enjoyy 🙂


    An introduction to a new era Spring had sprung;
    Exposed and curious even for this heart so young…
    Discovering friendships across the globe,
    even sewing up a rocking robe.
    I knew I liked it;
    It knew its shit;
    All required was one hit
    And now with a competition task i sit.
    They tell you what you already know…
    SO MANY THINGS man… we all want a go!!!
    But journeys may take you while some will fake you…
    Rezonance, I can say will surely make you. (my NYE)
    The time has come- my chance to share;
    So PLEASE Mr Ticket-giver, a free one if you dare??!

    [end] … or perhaps TBC… ? your call 😛

    I’d like to continue this piece ;), so pls dont put a stop to the flow
    if you give me a ticket, a bright birght light- YOU”LL SEE ME GLOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  15. I would sell my right boob for a ticket!!! Only cause I like the left 1 more 🙂

  16. awaiting approval on Urban Dictionary for the word “Rezonance”!!! this is what the post will look like once confirmed
    Submission under review

    Your entry is under review by editors.

    you’re KAK if you not at REZONANCE
    by Rezonancelover on Dec 27, 2010
    tags: resonance, partying, getting off your face, stomping, making open

  17. After not seeing my good mates and cousins for 6 years it would be the best reunion for me to go and be with them.

  18. why I want to go to Rezonance for New Years Eve 2010/2011,

    Simply: Because there is nothing like an awsome outdoor party!!
    fresh air, dancing on the earth, surrounded by positive energy, everybody is united, the feeling of the sun rising on your face, whilst having sweet psy tunes playing in your ears,what other way would you wanna emerg your being into 2011, with all the posibilities the future has to hold.


  19. hey there, im dying to go to prism! lost out on groovy troopers n alien safari.. but me and my friends r surely tryin to come up with the cash 4 it.. waitressings not the best way off doin so, but if i was to win id be speechless. And so would my friends. I stompd my heart out at let there be light v2, and i would love to do the same at rez! boom was a bad idea last year, cant afford to miss out on this amazing line up! i love TRANCE! and wil try to get me n my fwnds to rez one way or another!

    Peace and Love and happy stomping,
    c u okes there!

  20. Why I wanna go?

    The venue is SOOO close, D_Manic, Jos and Solar Axis are gonna TEAR THAT DANCEFLOOR TO PIECES (and i wanna b there when they do) and what other way to go banging into the NY other that stomping to some pumping psytrance with a beer in your hand with all your mates around.

    There is honestly no better way to spend your NY’s eve….

  21. Last New Years Rezonance was honestly one of the best parties of my life and deep down I wanna somehow re-create it. Have no idea if it could possibly live up to all the craziness that happened last year, but I’m more than happy to give it a try.

  22. Basically Iv been jollin soo hard these holidays that I have diminished my life savings and currently have no Moola left to jol until I start working again(New Years Resolution)…Rezonance is probably the Best place to be for New Years and i’d like to be there partying with my mates and super hot dolls, either way im Hustlin to the Event, MyCitybyBight you’ll be making my mission a lot easier if i win the tickets, so I ask you this, Would you give a fellow Stomper the tickets he deserves!?

    One Love Cape Town.

  23. I am not going to give u a sob story or a birthday message or anything like that, but I am going to tell you WHY YOU NEED ME THERE. I have been living by the words of Barney Stinson – “Suit Up, Be Awesome, Score chicks” and thats what I plan to do, besides suiting up. But here are my 5 reasons why you NEED ME THERE:

    1.) I am going to be the wildest, most cooked, out of his mind, there for the music, person on the dancefloor

    2.) I will sacrifice a goat or even a midget, depending on my mood as the clock strikes 12.

    3.) By sunday, I will be the muddiest person on the dancefloor, so dont try beat me

    4.) I intend on beating the Guiness World Records for the kissing the most chicks (or as you guys put it “mooiness”). My goal: 57. Very do able!

    5.) I have a SLIGHT obsession with D Maniac, Braincell, Rastalien, Bombaxx, Biogenesis, General Midi, TillVonSien, Anesthetic, just to name a few of the internationals. What really makes me wet behind the ears is the line up of local DJs. Xatrik, Artifakt, EMP, Rabdom L, Biorythm, Archive, The Jester, Deliriant, Slug and last but definitely not least HEADROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

    Thanks guys, looking forward to stomping a hole so deep it almost reaches China. Thats how fucking amped I am …


  24. havin been psy shy for a few years now since the last alien circus party which rocked so much, i have to be at this festival and had never done a new years trance party yet and would be awesome to experience, so wit that said after havin just spent xmas in jozi away from my gf this ticket would score big brownie points wit this single mom who i adore and will make up for not spendin our 1st xmas together and possibly new year, if i cant get her a ticket to go. I dont think our relationship could take any more strain and i do love trance as much as her and really would hate to have to choose between the two. So im appealin to your deepest sympathies to hook me up and save me serious heart ache, sorrows and huge regrets.

  25. I badly want to go to Rezonance. It is one of my biggest wishes. Words can’t describe how much i want this. I know there are others that want this as much as I do, but this would mean the world to me. All of my friends are going, I have no money and would hate to be excluded from my friends and celebrate new years alone. Rezonance sounds like the ultimate trance party! I want this to be an experiance that I will remember for a long time. This will be the very first trance party that i go to, and from what i’ve heard, it’s the best.
    I am desperate to go to this party for the fun, vibe, and experiance of a lifetime! I understand that im not the only one, but I want to have the best new year’s possible and have been dreaming about this party for a long time! I would be extremely happy if i got the ticket thank you

  26. hmmmmm……rezonance…..the reason why i would love to go to rezonance is because it would be the first new years ever that i will be going to an out door festival. This would be the one time of the year that i could completely go MAD and wild and have the time of my life and start the new year on an AMAZING note. I am dying to go because all of my friends will be going and this is the only opportunity for me to get a ticket and join them, rather than spend my new years at a silly braai or house party.i do not want to spend new years at home- NOT COOL. There is no better way to spend new years, than with your friends, in the beautiful outdoors jamming all night long. i am dying to bring in the new year with super evil whilst causing chaos, disorder and anarchy 🙂
    Please make my new year SENSATIONAL by giving me these 2 tickets to rezonance, not only will you be adding spark and amazingness to my new year, but to one of my friends as well

    1. Aw Jen!! Hoping you can come to Rezonance for New Years. It will not be the same without you. We have tried everything to get you a ticket and this is our last hope. Please help complete our circle of friends by bringing her to Rezonance. It is time to party!!

      1. rossssssy!
        REZONANCE will be only a better experience if all of us can go together!!!!

  27. i really really want to win a ticket to rezonance this year… i have been going to trance parties with my boet for ages and he is on his way overseas for a few years so this may be the last time i will be able to do it for a while… please help me make this new years eve epic!

  28. OK so this is why i NEED those tickets…

    My friend PAUL and I are going to Rezonance.
    The only PROBLEM is that we have NO MONEY so to get in we have to resort to SNEAKING IN!

    Word on the street is that there is an ELECTRIC FENCE around the entire party and those big NIGERIAN BOUNCERS they use at other venues.

    So basically WE WANT TO GO SO BAD that we are taking the risk of GETTING ELECTRICUTED, BEATEN UP by the bouncers, SPENDING THE NIGHT IN JAIL… or even ALL 3!

    I will be front centre on the dancefloor from start to finish… PLEASE GIVE ME THOSE TICKETS!!!

  29. Okay, I am not going to tell you a sob story or a reason why I deserve these tickets, I am going to go straight ahead and tell you 5 reasons WHY YOU WANT ME THERE – at the best party in the southern hemishpere

    1.) I am going to be so crazy/out of mind/cooked you will find a small hole almost to china where I have been stomping.

    2.) I might sacrifice a goat or midget, depends how I feel at the time.

    3.) I am planning to be the muddiest person there by Sunday, no one will beat me… seriously, no one!

    4.) I am going to beat the Guiness World record for the most chicks (or as you guys put it, “mooiness) scored on a New Years Eve – my goal: 54 (do able)

    5.) I have a slight “obsession” with D_Maniac, Braincell, Biogenesis, Daksinamurti, Bombax, General Midi, Anesthetic, Rastaliens and THOSE INSANE CAPE TOWN DJS we are lucky enough to see week in week out.

    Thats good enough right!

  30. We have announced the winners for the Rezonance NYE event.

    Thanks to all who entered and I wish we could have given you all a ticket but we have chosen two winners, they are:

    Lorenzo P
    Dylan Moore

    Congrats and check your email.

  31. Ek en my 2 vriende was nie laas jaar se nuwe jaars by Rezonance nie, maar by Boomerang. Ons was so spyt nadat ons gehoor het dat twee van my ander vriende by Rezonance was en hoe hulle hulself geniet het, dat daar 2 stages was en hope Dj’s, so spyt dat ons die jaar besluit het dat al 4 van ons of meer die jaar ons geld gaan spaar, ‘n tent gaan koop en saam na Rezonance toe gaan gaan. Sodoende dink ek, net deur “word of mouth” advertensie behoort ons die kaartjies te wen.

  32. PICK ME!!

    Guys I have only been told of the glory that is rezonance!!!
    I have not been yet and would love a go!!

    PICK ME!!

  33. So… Im not a trance guy, Im into my dubstep. You guys are bringing three HUGE acts in the dubstep scene… I dont know if people are aware of who these guys are. Scratcha dva – hosts one of the biggest dubstep/uk bass shows around on (best radio station on earth). Kode 9 – OMFW EVERYTIME I SAY HIS NAME I GO ABSOLUTYOLY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Owner of hyperdub, ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY no lies, I will bow down to this guy. The amount of bass in this guys sets are redik!!!! LV – came down to SA along with scratcha earlier this year, all i can say is: BOOMSLANG BOOMSLANG BOOMSLANG SNAKE!!! LV produced a tune called boomslang on hyperdub which features our very own Okmalumkoolkat, huge tune! So honestly I stay away from trance, ill be camping on the technodubfest stage, will defs be meeting kode 9.

    So im very amp’d for that… Last year at rez I fell sick, still enjoyed myself… but this year………… im going hard!! please give me those tickets!!! 🙂


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