Review| Trapped In The Quarry

***This Review was written by Lloyd ‘The Mexican’

For the love of this wonderful world I’ve only been a part of for just over a year, here I sit at 01:25am writing, well re-writing a review for the awesome party that was Remanufacture V which happened this weekend past. I am re writing the review, because like the silly Mexican that I am, I left for work earlier on and left the unfinished original review open and much to my dismay upon my return home to finish that said review I came home to discover that my PC had decided to restart itself without auto saving the original.

So in a nutshell, I had to work Saturday night and unfortunately missed out on the Saturday festivities of Remanufacture. Upon completing my shift I was picked up by my mates; Damien and Charis and off we went at approximately one in the morning. After a quick detour to Riviersonderend, we arrived at the gates of the Theewaterskloof venue. Why the detour you ask? Well we missed the Elgin/Grabouw turnoff and only realised we were lost when we passed the Steers in Riviersonderend.

We eventually arrived, were greeted and quickly sorted by the always friendly and helpful gatelings, this time it was the amazing Kim Cottle who greeted us and got us sorted with armbands before we off the jump a ride on the tractor. I opted for the choice of riding atop my giant cooler box between the two carriages on the Reman Express and this provided many laughs to my mates and the likes of Frozen Ghost, Chemo Boy and Iron Lotus as the rocky road and my rocking cooler box was quite the challenge to prevail through.

Eventually we pulled up to the wonder that is the rock walls of the Reman quarry.  I was immediately taken back to previous parties I had experienced at this venue. The sun was creeping in to illuminate the beautiful decor , the beautiful people and I could feel the ill beats that Chemogen and Strain were dropping, I could feel them bouncing off the walls providing the best acoustics for the amazing sounds emanating from the powerful and always impressive Dale Byl rig. I quickly found way back stage with my cooler box in tow, stashed it, greeted the DJs on stage and some familiar faces back stage and proceeded to have a tequila with Dale which nearly resulted in me suffering and early chunder.

The Skragg came to play next and he as per usual rocked the crowd. Greeting the new arrivals with an early dose of full power and re energising those that had been there for the long haul, Craig showed everyone how he does it.  Following hot on the majestic heels of this veteran came the international act for the party that being SMASHED, who graced us with his uncanny brand of full on beats, starting off with a killer live set and then moving on to drop an awesome DJ set.

Shane Renew was up next bringing us a dose of Deliriant in the morning which I can only describe as utter, beautiful, mind numbing chaos. I ran to relive one of my first memories of my friendship with Shane as it was at Celestial Beings that I first shared a tequila shot with the legend and I felt nostalgia tugging at my emotions as I repeated this notion on Sunday!

Following Deliriants desecration of the dance floor was the ever nerdy Vaughn aka EMP. I say ever nerdy as this epic producer brought many new and fresh tracks to this party, including new tracks such as “Thrones” which includes a sample from the title intro of the well-known series “Game of Thrones” and a track which includes samples from the hit video game “Skyrim”. I was quite giddy and he really tweaked my nerd side when he dropped these dope ass tracks. Keep up the good work my fellow nerd!  Super Evil rocked it next and boy what a treat this was to see during the day and on a Sunday to boot.  Adriano sent his rippling shreds into the quarry and into the head banging, stomping crowd whilst James provided the thumpingly sexy basslines for us to skit to.

Up next was the creator and goddess of the Beartrap party. Mama Bear aka DJane Sway took the stage and brought us some of the best daytime beats one could ask for. The heat was sweltering, the massive amounts of gees was unprecedented and I was frothing along with Barry and Adam as Mama Bear provided the perfect soundtrack to this beautiful day in the quarry.  I found myself needing a dip as I was giving it my all and overheating. So I took a lil time to splash off in the beautiful stream at the back of the floor and then did a little bit of a walkabout. It was during this time that a flurry of memories came back to me. It was here at this venue that I forged an amazing friendship with my best friend Katie. It was at this venue that I met a young and wonderful lad named Joshwa. It was here  (at Celestial Beings and Reman IV) that I last became the twelve year old version of myself. It was here that I received words of encouragement from the likes of Hiyarant, Archive and Dale himself. It was here that many a shot was shared with friends, whether it be with my DJs, organisers, front right filth crew members or front left stompers. It was here where I was called a noob and then at this party was  told how I had ascended the status (Thanks Lyle). It’s at this venue and at these parties where so many memories were made and so much of myself was reinvented in the best way possible.

Dancing around in total awe of the beauty of this party, splashing around under the sprinklers while stomping on MUD HEY(pronounced MUDDAY!) , running back and forth from the river, climbing atop boulders to look over the dancefloor, swigging neat vodka with hardcores backstage and front, I was in a state of total bliss and pure fun. All through this realization I was being caressed by the wonderful sounds that Dillan M was providing. As this wizard does, he crafted yet another beautiful set consisting of some the best mind bending daytime psychedelia. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better he dropped a track that I think everyone loves. The Shalys remix of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love”. Described by Wendy Brown as the “Lick your Foot Good” track it was no surprise that I found myself on stage as he dropped it and Wendy and I found ourselves trying to lick our feet as he did it.

Berns followed Dillan M keeping in the vein of the daytime psycheledia, but (and correct me if Im wrong) also throwing in some beats bordering on psybient. Either way (maybe Im still a noob Lyle) this guy provided the perfect closing set to an amazing party. As usual this party flew by so fast as I found myself caught up in all the madness and fun to be had. So when Berns dropped a encore track or two I embraced it, allowing myself to remember (or try to!) yet another wonderful experience in the quarry at yet another successful Beartrap party. Big thanks goes out to Laura, Dave Love, Wendy, Dale and everyone else involved in yet another epic Beartrap production!

All images by: Trooping for peace (and one Raychill Doyle pic)

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