Review| The Grooviest Sunday Service Ever!


*** This was written by the Dirty Mexican

3:30am Sunday morning. A very drunk Mexican is picked up in Long Street to be whisked off to yet another Vision Serpent. We stop off at Engen to get some supplies and off we go. Lets trust technology I say as I pull out my S3 and switch the GPS on. After a few stops to allow a carsick friend to relieve herself we continue on our quest, brimming with excitement.

Eventually we reach a dirt road. The excitement is palpable. That is until we reach a fork in the road. So clueless as which way to go we decide to backtrack. This was our mistake. After hours of driving in circles, not sure whether we were passing the same points along the road. After driving all the way back to the foot of Sir Lowry’s Pass. After ending up in Villiersdorp and finally receiving some help from an extremely helpful petrol attendant with a great accent we eventually found ourselves back on the dirt road, this time following some stompers. We should have gone left at the fork earlier that morning when we came to that point.

The irritation and desperation at this point disappears as soon as we pull up at the gate. Its quickly replaced with the excitement we felt  four hours ago when we started our journey.

We hustled a car pass and that added to our happiness, parked our car, loaded up with some beers and other party necessities and off we went.  It always brings a smile to my face to be greeted by familiar faces upon entering a Sunday service. This time I received many a “You’re late!” or “Where the fuck have you guys been”? .

As we reached the dance floor we were welcomed by the sweet sounds of DJ Mark’s set. The dance floor was relatively quiet as many from the previous night were still being roused by the promise of yet another sunny Sunday service.  The Sun was peaking over this magical venue, shining down beams of radiance upon our heads, energizing us for the day ahead of us. All around us we were surrounded by lush green bush and trees and mountain peaks gazing down upon us like rocky God’s.

After doing the rounds, I found way my backstage and quickly stashed all my gear, snapped a few shots, before having my camera kidnapped by Jason Borland and Sean Thompson. In no time my good friend Chloe had me necking tequila  and before I knew what was happening I was lost in a sea of euphoria amongst a shoal of smiling faces.


Before I realised it I was drunk and it was ten o clock and time for Waio to molest our ears and souls with his amazing style of daytime psy. As usual this youngster being a firm favourite stole the show with yet another amazing set, playing his genius brand of  progressive psytrance, using his genius equipment and software which he creates himself to further put his unique signature upon his music.

I can’t really say much about K-Jos and Corona’s set’s as this seems to be a part of the party where I found myself losing a few hours of memory due to over inebriation, I do however remember stumbling around during Corona’s set drunkenly from one corner to the next having the time of my life, before being found by Shane (Deliriant) who quickly helped me out by taking me for a timeout from the dance floor. This is where the day became even more fun.  I think it’s clear now that this was destiny. Shane Renew has become a sort of role model to me now. A big brother figure if you will! We continued the day by partying together, sharing many a tequila, a laugh with Shane being the best wingman any young Mexican could ask for!

Once we returned to the dance floor, Gokon Rave was in full force delivering pulsating, sexy beats to everyone sweating it out in the sweltering heat. They offered no mercy making us throw our bodies like the sexy beasts we all are to their beats despite the insane heat. Thank God Patrick Diesel was around again, doing his rounds dowsing everyone with his fire hose.  I happily welcomed him to give me dance floor shower, all the while gyrating around the nose like some horny cheerleader on ecstasy.

Being this late into the day and now slightly recovered after my break from the floor I took a moment to marvel yet again at the wonderful decor that I was surrounded by. The dance floor was covered by the classic Groovies rainbow tarp, complete with visions serpents mingling in between the lines of colour. The stage itself was helmed by the head of a massive serpent ala Chinese dragon, which was a really impressive piece of psychedelic sculpture!


Egorythmia was up next to close the party with a monster set and it’s no surprise they saved him for last.  It’s refreshing to have a progressive producer of this calibre end off a party, with his signature style of progressive, the kind of live set that starts off at one point and has a beginning, a middle and an end – a true daytime psychedelic journey if you will. Dreamy, interdimensional sounds that build up to driving powerful bass lines which take you from a place of closed eyes to that of jumping up and grabbing the nearest fellow stomper and engaging in an arms locked/falling around each other dance.

It has been awhile since I’ve been able to close my eyes and lose myself for a few minutes instead of my usual fare of just jumping around to the beats while up to mischief. I found myself lost numerous times during this epic set and this is not because it’s the first time I’ve seen him play. Or maybe it is. Either way it was the perfect way to end off a beautiful party.


When the set was eventually over –  after not one, but two encore tracks, maybe it was more I can’t remember it was really hard for to comprehend with the fact that another Groovy Troopers party had come and gone. This time it was even harder for me to leave the venue as I had missed Mandala Project last year and had only attended this Vision Serpent from the Sunday morning. Refusing to leave so soon , my fellow journeyers and I spent another two hours at the venue, chatting about the day, enjoying a drink and joke or two with other stompers who were finding it hard to leave as well.

We eventually mustered up our strength and left the venue, all the way home I was planning how I would tackle the next Groovies event from the time the venue opens!


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