Review| Phantoms of the Forest!

*Written by Papa Afrika

I find it rather incredible that besides the Stanford venue burning down and one of the internationals missing his flight due to life happening, Alien Safari put together a Masqued Ball spectacle that will go down as one of my favourite nighttime adventures to date.

Now that we have the formalities out of the way, we arrive at the new Standford venue armed with some cane, some courage and Scorb starting in 15 minutes. Yes man!  It was quite apparent that the Alien team knew what they were doing, transforming this forest into a UV haven for people from all walks of life. Courage is wearing thin. Straight to the bar. Scorb is busy mixing in the old with the new all atop thunderous basslines that turned the crowd into a sea of hands and bellows of “woooooo!” The evening insists on hurting these people, in a good way though, with Rubix Cube absolutely destroying me with the rest of the Safarians in tow. Courage has peaked. Um.. back to the bar? Then came Terrorbyte, who came out with a hoody and a mask resembling something similar to V for Vendetta and played a lot less harder than usual but just as dark. A more minimal sound but just as thunderous and driving. Joined by another night time terror, Archive for a cameo tune or two, this set gets the two thumbs up from me. Plus Minus were the next duo that caught my attention with a very crunchy sound to bring on the first look at the light peering through the treetops. I see big things coming out of these two in the very near future.

From here on out it went a little pear shaped as the bar had to stop selling booze due to an assumed licensing issue and the police insisted on doing their job (very well), resulting in multiple missions to find alternate sources of whatever was the desired poison.

Back to the forest and the morning crowd have taken up their positions on their left or right sides with the rest in between with Bruce, Shift and Earthling to come. This being said I can’t say I was blown away by the music during the day as it went all over the place, which can be a good thing, but in this instance I just wasn’t feeing it but continued to give the bark covered floor a good run for its money. It’s entirely possible that the nighttime madness had slightly dulled my senses but whatevs. This did not seem to affect the crowd though and as the sun beat down the human sprinkler systems would launch into action. More “wooooo’s”. It was really awesome to see Shift play a set and a morning set as well as he brought things in very nicely for Prism and Earthling.

Come 4:30pm, the music has stopped and the masses start taking the great trek back to their various modes of home time transportation. There is a silence amongst us, possibly even bewilderment. What the fuck just happened? Masqued Ball just happened and it did not disappoint. Besides the bar situation and my opinionated view of the day tunes I had an epic time with epic people.

Alien Safari you good thing! We will all be back soon!

Papa Afrika out 🙂

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