Review| Origin Festival 2013!


*** This review was written by Mbali [Brandalism]

It was a surprisingly hot Friday afternoon when I finally arrived at the Origin Festival venue. I walked into the lush forest and was greeted by a colourful ‘welcome’ sign which made me smile. After settling into my campsite which boasted a lovely hammock and some shady Yellowwoods- it was time for some exploring.  I started the familiar journey to the dance floor and thought about all the funny conversations that I had overheard on this path at the previous Origin. This year’s Origin was bound to top the last years.

The stalls had a lot of funky clothing, crystals and a few even gave off strong aromas of tasty food that I would be eating over the weekend. I approached the dance floor and immediately fell in love with Artescape’s work of art of a dance floor. Photos of Cosmogenesis and the Light Ship Temple came to mind as I stepped into the shaded dance floor. The blue colour scheme was refreshing, the dj booth was beautifully decorated and I was really eager to see this masterpiece at night. After a relaxing evening spent in the forest it was finally time for the music to begin. If you were to ask someone to describe the music on a Friday at Origin they would normally describe it as very relaxed and maybe even a little fluffy at times. Wow, that was certainly not the case this year!  Friday night was an incredible jol full of some slamming beats! Origin I never knew you had it in you!


When I reached the dance floor, it had a good number of stompers stomping, the tunes were heating up and the visuals had been switched on. I didn’t know who was playing until I saw Stereotype bouncing around on the screen behind them. The duo delivered a bouncy psy-tech set which had the floor stomping hard to the bass! My friends and I brought out our LED hoops and we hooped it out to those delicious drops! We were very lucky that night to get really amazing back to back sets from Stereotype and the International D-Addiction. Having never heard his music before, D-Addiction managed to snag a spot as my favourite Friday night set. He was on top form for his dj set of the party and played some really sick tracks which made the floor do some real tribal stomping. Some really wild hooping took place during that set and left me excited for his set on Sunday afternoon! After a long and wild applause at the end of his set, I think it is safe to say that D-Addiction earned a lot of new fans that night – including me.

After D-Addiction’s set I was all hooped out and decided to head off for an early night and wake up for some early morning splendor. After a quick breakfast I made my way to the dance floor for the must-hear Shane Gobi set. The dance floor was surprisingly full and Shane Gobi took us on a high energy psychedelic journey for two hours. The treat of the day was the hour long old school Goa set played by the Green Nuns of the Revolution. I watched a beautiful young woman go absolutely wild to the full-on Goa set and of course with nothing less than a wide smile on her face. It was a treat to watch young and old stompers enjoy the energetic old Goa sound. The fact that none of the tracks were mixed into each made the set really authentic in terms of the Goa style. From what I have heard no one could mix back then and you had to just gooi the next track into the current. The Green Nuns of the Revolution brought a fresh take on Goa to Origin and everyone on the dance floor during their set loved it.


When the set was over, wayward stompers made their way to the Beats Floor in search of more music.  I got to the beats floor to see a lot of beautiful scantily-clad partygoers swimming and dancing to the bouncy beats. Toby2shoes played some really bouncy minimal off the crystal clear Redbull sound system and I brought out my reliable dance partner (my hoop) to dance to his set. I must just say that there were so many lovely ladies and men hula hooping at Origin! I struggled to find a spot to dance with my hoop but settled for the middle of the pathway and proceeded to let Toby2shoes take me away. Toby2shoes played a really good set with excellent song selection. The tunes evoked a lot of emotion and I felt completely refreshed after the set! After a beautiful afternoon by the dam I made my way back to the psy floor for Dhamma Baby’s Dub Picnic debut set.

I arrived to find a crowd of partygoers sitting in the shade listening to the Reggae Dub being played. The front of the dance floor became my hoop space and I enjoyed dancing to some Reggae dub! On the whole it was a good set and at some stage a few people stood up to dance. There were one or two songs that I felt didn’t quite fit in the set but it was a great debut and I am looking forward to hearing a Dhamma Baby’s Dub Pincnic set in the near future. From then onwards the afternoon sailed by until I looked at the dj booth and saw it was already time for Mark to play his set. Now the period from Mark to Broken Toy was nothing less than amazing and well done to whoever decided on the line up times. Mark started off the groove session with some really high energy psychedelic tracks which sent me to the moon and back while I was in my led hoop. The back to back sets from two Internationals Master Blasters and Anestetic were dangerously good and amazingly psychedelic! Wow the energy that I was surrounded by during these sets was intense and possibly what dreams are made of. I was with really good friends, the spaceship we were in was preparing for take-off and the music was absolutely wild.

Then there was Bruce. I don’t know why Origin has never booked Bruce before 2013 but I think he should become a regular on the line-up after that superb night set. I actually wish someone had recorded it because it was undoubtedly the best set of the party for me. If you weren’t Origin you missed one impressive Bruce set and you should take a moment to repent for missing that deliciously naughty set. The dancefloor definitely went to Venus during Bruce’s set! It had been a long night, it had rained, I had hooped and I had even ventured to the land of red and green lazers on the beats floor.

The morning had arrived and it was time for everyone to stomp it out to some Broken Toy! I think the most memorable moment of that set was when it started raining when his remix of The Presets “Talk Talk” started to play. Now I have seen some wild stomping at many a party but my goodness did that song just send everyone off the rails. Arms up in the air, feet stomping and absolutely contagious smiles is what went down to that track! Pure bliss is what that was!


After the Broken Toy set I went back to my tent to get some warm clothes for the rain and saw that the Heartspace tent were having their own party. Instruments were being played and people were stomping in that little tent. I think it would be nice to have a schedule as to what they are doing when because whenever I passed that tent there always seemed to be something going on. Watching people try to walk back to the dance floor with shoes through the mud was absolutely priceless! You know what they say, if you’re not barefoot you’re overdressed! When I got back to the dance floor it was chaos, I passed boys in wetsuits, a little Tao riding an inflated animal in the rain and of course Groove Addict was taking no prisoners with his live set. Stompers were unperturbed by the rain, they stomped, they hooped and they smiled like there was no rain at all.

After Sunday heavyweight Headroom finished playing his set we were blessed with a D-Addiction live set. I watched from the side of the dance floor as he set the dance floor off into a wild frenzy when he played WTF. I struck up a conversation with a man next to me as we both looked out into the rain with concern. No one said it was easy being a hippie, is what the man said and that simple sentence motivated me to go dance in the rain. The party came to an end with stunning progressive tracks like Enlightenment and Silent Drop blaring through the air… Origin was honestly one of the most psychedelic parties I have ever been to. The energy was always beautifully positive and it has probably been added to many stompers “must go to” list. From the mesmerizing psychedelic art gallery, to the muddy dance floor and the amazing energy throughout Origin… the crew can definitely expect to see me back at Origin next year! Thanks to all that made this amazing gathering possible and major thanks to all that contributed to the energy that was Origin Festival 2013!


All images by Scott Rennie:

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