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One Republic

All words by @irCadillac

Let me start with saying if you don’t like at least a tiny bit of pop music in your life you’re lying. We all love a little pity of pop music now and then, and rightly so.
I had been looking forward to this concert for a few month, YouTube playlists set up, learning lyrics and trying to find out secret covers and encores that might pop up.

Huawei Culture Club had the place littered with lovely promotion people in Mardis Gras style attire gathering snaps of eager concert goers with their top notch phones.

Durban boitjies Gangs of Ballet were assigned as openers for the tour, and rightly so. For a three piece band these guys really know how to hold a crowd, especially as Brad Klynsmith (guitar/vox) is the only mobile member of the band with the other two sat behind a drum kit and keyboards.
They filled the room with a big anthemic sound and a good portion of the crowd were singing along to every minute of their short set. I could go on about how great it is to see a local band being of such a calibre to open for such a world-class act, but the truth is Gangs of Ballet are a world class act.They know what they’re doing, their music and production is testament to that and their show seals the deal.
If there’s one thing I’d have changed it would have been to give them a little more time, even just two more songs.

After a quick wiz and a refill it was time for One Republic to close their two year and three month Native Tour – Cape Town was the last show of an epic leg of touring. And better yet, the band themselves have dubbed Cape Town possibly the most beautiful city in the world. See their twitter feed for details…


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It was big. They started off behind a white curtain with the band silhouetted onto it from all angles with flashing lights moving left and right to the beat. From the get go the crowd was fixed on the band, even though you couldn’t see them yet… Once the curtain dropped shit went cray. Girls were screaming, ballies were dancing and the vibe was “electric” as the industry folk say.  Ryan Tedder has full control of the crowd through his voice and awesome stage performance. Really inspiring to watch. A highlight of the show for me was the band getting the crowd involved in the chorus of Something I Need. For those of you who know the song, some 30 odd voices are in the chorus of that song, so to get thousand singing a long, and not too badly at that, was a goosebumps moment for me. On that high the tone was lowered somewhat. One Republic set up a scaled down version of the stage at the end of the vanity ramp. A few of those big fancy lightbulbs with the huge elements lowered down and things got lank romantic. This intimate set kicked off with Ryan Tedder solo on piano tickling some ebony and ivory before sensually rolling into Apologize, by then it was too late. If you knickers weren’t already moist by then you stood no chance of leaving with dry ones. As the song played out the big fancy lightbulbs with the huge elements lit up one by one, until all five were glowing and the whole band was there. They even pulled off an awesome rendition of George Ezra’s Budapest claiming it to be the best song of 2015 and wishing it was theirs. I have to agree with that except I wish I wrote it…

This was pretty special, @onerepublic covering George Ezra, Budapest.

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Cool, so after things got sexy it was back to the bog noise. Dropping hit after hit I found myself singing and dancing like the drunk uncle at a family wedding, only sans nieces and nephews and very much sober. The guys delivered near two hours of every song of theirs you know, even if you don’t know it plus a rather romantic cover of Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World.
The show ended in a shower of confetti backed by some of the most intense lighting and rave I have ever heard and/or seen. I really wish everyone I knew could have been there to experience this.
I know the chaps will be back in the next few years and when that happens I urge you to get tickets and check it out. You will not be let down. There’s a reason why every song these guys release smashes the charts, and why every concert they play is filled with thousands of people singing every lyric back to them.

On my gig scale of 1 – lekker, I would rate One Republic as a jol. For those of you unfamiliar with said scale, it’s beyond the highest grade.

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