Review | NYE Miller Mansion Style

Once again Millers has managed to impress me – seems they do everything in style!
If any of you were lucky enough to share in the experience, I’m sure it will forever be engraved in your minds as a spectacular event. For those of you that didn’t, I hope that one day you will have the chance to spend an evening like this.

I’m not sure where any of you kiddo’s spent your New Years Eve, but I was fortunate enough to be looking out over most of Cape Town in one of the Miller Mansions.
Having way too many options open with nothing really tickling my fancy, I was more than overjoyed when the opportunity arose.

You are picked up by shuttle and then whisked up to the house – which leaves very little to the imagination, as the house really does classify as a Mansion – where you are well looked after when it comes to food and beverages.
Not only did they have an amazing line up of entertainment, among them being GoodLuck – who are fast becoming one of my favourite SA groups when it comes to musical talent – but a host of 5FM DJ’s.

You have a stunning group of ladies who try and cater to all your thirst needs, making sure they bring round the trays of cuisine to keep the bellies full too.

There was nothing more exciting than watching a giant clock that was keeping a close check on the time in order for us to all enter the new year when the timer got down to ground zero.
A few minutes before the final hour, we were all given our glasses of champagne, joyfully feeding off the next person’s enthusiasm.

A loud booming of voices came together as we all counted down 2010 and welcomed in the New Year!

Bottles of bubbles were sprayed overhead, the ships at sea shot off their flares, and I was once again taken aback by the fireworks display over the city. Not even a camera could capture the essence of what was happening…

What an awesome way to spend the last evening of the year, and the first morning of 2011!

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  1. “There was nothing more exciting than watching a giant clock” read that sentence quickly… haha 🙂

  2. If Miller’s had a cock, would you be able to get it any further down your throat?

    1. @whatkind – wow. I think everyone is allowed to have an opinion and like different things (we dont get paid to write nice things like some other sites out there). At least if you’re going to say something like that give an alternative to what you’d rather be reading… pffft. Ps do you work for another Beer brand? haha.

      1. Yes I work for another beer brand. Its called WhAtkiNd!? Genuine Draft- its like Miller’s, except less racist

    2. @whAtkiNd!? You need to be a little bit more constructive and less pathetic mate. a: like Ricky said, we are not paid and don’t need to be nice b: We have negatively reviewed, in a constructive way, many events, and c: we not into deep throating 😀
      Thanks for visiting though and look forward to seeing you again.

      1. do Adidas, GoPro and BP advertise on your site for free? If so Please may you put one up for You’re doing such a good job already.

        1. Believe it or not, they don’t pay a cent. They just like to involve themselves with our brand and the work we do. We look after them, they look after our readers. What can I say, we loved by people. GoPro is a Google ad by the way.

    3. Whatkind – YOU ARE A COCK! Please try write something constructive and go do some research, might help your credability a bit. You looking like a right wanker right now!

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    So here, this is what we scheme.

    love nice one and lurker

    p.s. There are 2 important things to note when reading whAtkinD!?.

    Firstly, although we lurk in Cape Town, we are born and bred in Durban, Salt of the Earth.

    Secondly, “ Oh, did you not know …

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