Review| NuWave’s 5FM New Years Eve Party


**This review was done by one of the Golden Circle ticket winners for our NuWave’s 5FM New Years Competition we held. These are completely her views on the event and thoughts of the evening that took us into 2011**

Super sexy L.B.D.: check. Killer heels: check. Cheesy Miss America Happy NYE tiara: check. Designated driver victim: check. And off we are!

After navigating the highly congested Cape Town CBD traffic for what was a good hour and a half, I was more than impressed to find well-suited parking space to the venue, at only 30 bucks a pop. What was even more convenient was the check in process, and after about a minute or so, it was all systems go.

Hugged by the city scrapers, Table Mountain, the Waterfront Canal, a starry night, and some of CT’s finest talents, the lot was set for some feverish ‘n fiery festivities, with only the slight salty ocean breeze to now and then un-arse yourself (the booze was dirt cheap, go figure).

The line up was pretty awesome balls which included the likes of aKing, Z&G, CrashCarBurn and Dance, You’re on Fire; with 5fm big wigs (uh uhm, sorry couldn’t help myself!) Rob Vember and Anele Mdoda steering the Mothership.  After a quick snoop around the social web, my sentiment was proven correct with most of our fellow attendees rooting for CrashCarBurn as act of the night. They absolutely rocked the house and peeps… I swear I spotted a he-string being flicked onto stage!

(Check out the #nuwavenye hash tag which generated the twitter buzz around the event)

 Thumbs up

  • Great bar specials and prices
  • Decent enough loos
  • Very helpful and friendly security peeps
  • Big and clear enough big screens
  • A level surface for my 8 inch heels to prance around on

But… there were a couple of snags:

  • The size of the venue albeit suitable, should perhaps have been amended a little to cater for the smaller turnout… the vibe completely dissipated… you know what they say about throwing a vienna down a hall way…
  • The countdown was such weak experience: no spraying of unidentifiable liquids onto the crowds, zero mentionable pyrotechnics/visual effects, no wow, amazing, kiss-me-now moments… it felt a bit like fucking for virginity really (slap me if I expected too much).

  The event was a matter of personal preference/standards really… it could either have set CT on fire for you, or doused any sparks you came with. How did you find the event?

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