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***This post was written by the Filthy Mexican

Winter is coming. No screw that, winter has reared her ugly ass in our faces. She’s here, the dirty slut in all her majestic glory. Gone are the days of outdoor parties and drinking at 8am on a Sunday morning.

What we’re left with to fill that void are those monstrosities called night clubs and with them the indoor parties that offer a substitute to the beauty of our beloved “bush raves”.  Many of us complain about them, others stay away completely and there are of course those  who love them both.

It is sadly a love/hate relationship for me. I much prefer the freedom of an outdoor. The scenery, the space and of course the fact that they are longer that six hours of fun.

Once in awhile we’re blessed with an indoor that offers more than just drunken debauchery and bad decisions. The guys that threw the first Multiverz party at Trinity on the first of June really proved to be of a calibre that stands out from the rest of the ongoing weekly onslaught of indoor psytrance events. Formed by two veterans in the universe that is psytrance or Multiverz as they’ve called it, this being Craig Hudson (The Skragg, Rabdom L) and Johan Bresler. Craig having under his belt decades of experience in both spinning out beats and production as well as being the co- founder of Timecode records along with Chris Hoy (Shift), so it’s clear that these guys know how to throw an indoor party that stands out.

It was obvious from the moment that I walked in that these soldiers of psy have been at the game for years. Everything seemed to flow perfectly. Standing in line for less than five minutes firstly, being helped by other familiar, professional and friendly faces, ample space due to limiting tickets and all round professionalism.

Let’s get down to the real details though. Firstly bringing down an act as big as Major 7/X-noize was already a win. Tickets were pricey for some, but an act of this stature costs and deserves it. This also means true fans of the music would fork over the cash and come party. Leaving all the less desired twerps at home who come to these events for the wrong reasons.

Secondly the supporting acts. Keeping in the vein of more progressive and daytime friendly psytrance, Gokon Rave, Headroom, and Sad Paradise (Broken Toy’s new progressive baby)  were on the bill too. Gokon Rave was the opening act, which they do superbly, followed by Headroom who came in as people were filtering in. As usual Headroom played a set in tune to the mood and energy of the dance floor whilst still dropping crowd favourites. I could not have asked for a better person to play before the three hour long headliner. So by the time Major 7 took the reins everyone including myself were well inebriated by either beverages or just the music or both like myself.

Three hour sets are something to behold and boy did Barak rock it. It felt like an hour long set as I lost myself within it.  Ending off was the set  I was most excited for and that was Broken Toy’s new act Sad Paradise. Progressive psytrance seems to have become increasingly popular (it always has been) this season as I’ve seen myself and mates of mine who only used to opt for the harder night time fare.  So it’s refreshing to hear and see a veteran in the scene take another genre of psy and make it his bitch. Bringing a unique feel to what some call the most repetitive style of psy, is a task in its own. Sad Paradise to me has a dreamy feel to it, almost eerie, while at the same time keeping in the vein of thumping baselines, sexy kicks and all that general sexiness that progressive has to offer. I mentioned to someone that I thought it was almost psybient, a clever combo of progressive psytrance with hints of ambient in the trippy sounds that accompany the beats. Well done to James for his awesome debut and big ups to revealing him at this awesome event.

A huge thank you from myself and everyone else I spoke to about goes out to both Andrew Parker (Image Master Blink), Marcel Zandberg, Warren Cybernetix Phillips for yet again taking our sense of sight to the next another instance of the Multiverz, a mega monster blasting lazer with magical projections onto these mesh-like curtains on each side of the DJ box, making for really awesome effects! Also mention must go out to JL Punk for once again making the awesome rig purr like a pretty progressive kitty, the sound was albeit soft for Gokon Rave (due to restrictions on sound levels at the venue– all events at Trinity will be like this until further notice) but for the rest of the night the rig was thumping and sounding superb at the same time! The crowd for me was perfect, there was ample space, I didn’t come across any negativity or bad vibes on the floor once, in fact at one stage I was that guy who took lying down position on the dance floor along with my mate Alex, and the bouncer that stopped us politely helped us up again!

The Multiverz team are clearly a well oiled experienced machine who work together to bring the fans a far more mature indoor experience, that stems from solid production in all areas!

Looking forward to the next one guys!

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