Review| MMD: The Mexican’s 1 Year Anniversary


It was at  MMD: Back to the Primitive where I can began my descent or ascent into the wonderful world that is being a part of the media side of things. I was sent off to cover the party, but back then I was meant to film and interview various artists and stompers alike. This never really worked out that well. Without the correct equipment (sound was an issue) and my penchant for getting so trashed that I couldn’t look at rushes of myself after the party this video coverage died out before it happened. But what did happen at MMD was the beginning of something I had no idea I’d ever be able to do. My good friend Nick Gordon was sent along with me as the photographer. However after a hard night Nick found himself passed out in a warm tent. I panicked as we were doing work for the first time for a new blog and had not done much work by Sunday at nine in the morning.

So I picked up his 500D and switched to full auto mode and went off to snap my first party photographs. It was at this party where I met so many great friends, Lyle or Archive was the first guy to call me a noob, whilst Dale Byl chuckled at his side. The few producers that I did interview at that party namely EMP, Super Evil and Zion Linguist. Shane (Deliriant) made a bad first impression by saying “Not a fucking chance bro” when I approached him for an interview. Haha, all was forgiven when he apologised a couple of weeks later at Celestial Beings. Barry Frozen Ghost kinda promised me one and then  promptly disappeared. Once again all was forgiven at Celestial. I met Mama Bear at this party.  I befriended the extremely amiable Oscar (security at most parties) backstage when he was jamming with one crutch.

I met my good friends Dayna, Minx and Tarryn and we shared in a magical night, jamming, laughing and at one point sitting atop the hill looking down at the night lit dance floor and musing about the stars. I met the young, beautiful and always smiling Ashley.  It was at MMD: Back to the Primitive that I bonded with so many good friends and also took my first step into a universe that I now cherish so much more.

So it was no surprise that despite being on antibiotics for a case of trench toe and a rather nasty chest infection (which has come back to haunt me now) I had to make my way to what was the one year anniversary of being the Mexican.

I had to work Saturday which really bummed me out, got home at one in the morning and was picked up by my good friend Danni at four thirty. After a few stops we found ourselves at Buurmans plaas just in time for another Mexican’s set – Transgenic.  What a perfect start to a great day. High energy, twilight tracks in my bek just in time for second breakfast. Besides playing a set that got everyone into high octane mode, it was a pleasure to watch this Mexican tweak his controls, going about it jamming as hard as those begging for more on the dance floor.


Up next was one of the fathers behind the MMD label, the famous Zion Linguist. It was a pleasure to see this wizard spill out his sorcery upon the dance floor at my anniversary party! I quickly snapped some photos of the ever energetic soul and made my way back onto the floor for some morning mayhem. The air was rife with good energy, the small-ish crowd was one packed with smiling faces that were having it hard. The beats were relentlessly hard and the crowd was absorbing all they could! It was a morning of pure silliness, a good friend of mine had a twenty litre tanker of booze and another climbed a tree for a morning monkey jam sesh. Kerry brought an inflatable pool with which was the source of entertainment for hours!

Upon returning to the dance floor after my little splash in the pool, I was delighted to see the pairing up of two DJ’s whose passion for twilight is just about bordering on obsession and that is the powerhouse fusion of the librarian Archive and the famous Kenyan superstar Strain.  Archain they are called and they are here to fuck your shit up! And they did. Good to see this combo yet again tormenting our backs and bending our minds with their choice beats!

That asshole (just kidding he is a kief oke :P) Shane aka Deliriant was up next and I don’t have much more to say other than – I FUCKING LOVE DELIRIANT IN THE MORNING! Great set as per usual and my favourite time of day to hear it too.

After Shane left the CDjays to get another beer at the bar, it was time for the Stuyvesant Red smoking rock star Adriano and the guy who makes the sexiest thumpers – James, to do their thing as the shredding duo that is Super Evil.  Once again another wave of nostalgia crashed over me as I thought back to last year’s MMD, when I saw Super Evil rock it for the first time. Then another wave when I remembered interviewing them at the paramedic’s tent whilst James’s better half was getting her eye patched up after losing an argument with a car door. Yes I still have that footage.  I will also state for the record that it was both Adriano and James suggestion to do the interview at that rather inappropriate time!

Up next was the Mama Bear of the MMD and Beartrap labels. Everyone that I know who has love for Sway waits in anticipation for her to step up to the plate on the Sunday. She comes in at the perfect time usually before or around lunch time to dish out her choice of daytime full on beats. Another dose of nostalgia for me, I was having it fucking hard by this point and Sways sexy aggressive beats formed the perfect soundtrack.

Up next is an act I had only heard good things about prior to attending this year’s MMD and that is the psychedelic daytime project that is Hydraglyph. I was quite excited to see what all the fuss was about. Many veterans on the floor were nervously anticipating this set as these guys apparently hadn’t played a party in over four years. Well, after four years of absence I’m sure many old fans and new ones alike will agree that they still know how to rock it. Playing a live set of some the most interesting and trippy psychedelia I have ever heard, I was pretty impressed. I was extremely happy to have discovered them as they made their return to our beloved universe. Nine Inch Nails remixes? You got me by the fucking testicles there man. Mad respect for one of my new favourite acts. Yep call me a noob again Lyle, I dare ya!


The awesome and talented Mr Nick Zezia was up next, flowing in perfectly with his style of daytime. It’s a shame that this amazing artist is so underrated, his production techniques are flawless, and his sets are always a pleasure to behold. As usual Zezia took me the point where I could close my eyes on the dance floor and lose myself amongst the dreamy yet driving style of psytrance.

Following Zezia came Psyguy, who came so hard all over the dance floor with his selection of furiously aggressive yet bouncy daytime hits. Being the second last set of the day, he really amped up or re-amped a crowd that for the most part had been going for almost twenty four hours. I was in the thick of it, giving it my absolute all.  Sonic ended things off taking it down a notch and playing the best three hour long closing set!

Even after playing a long encore stompers still wanted more, girls were offering boob flashes to the champion in return for one more track, but it was time to move on and head home.

All in all MMD parties are always special as they aren’t necessarily tiny, but just the right amount of people rock up and the energies upon the dance floor are always great. MMD provides the platform for those that love the more full on, bad ass psytrance that is twilight and at the same time provides some more friendly daytime beats.

It was an extra special party for the dirty Mexican, I really couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary party and I will definitely be back to celebrate my second year as a noob next year!


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