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***This was written by the Dirty Mexican

Last year when I heard that the God’s behind Organik and Groovy Troopers were doing a super saiyan fusion dance and joining forces to give us the best indoor of 2012 – Metamorph, I was quite ecstatic and quickly got onboard as a photographer. I was pleasantly surprised and had one of the best nights I had ever experienced at the Assembly, so when they announced that Metamorph 2013 was to be an outdoor I was livid.

Having to shoot at Fiction the Saturday night I was a bit bummed that I would miss the chaos of the night part of the party, but when I was picked up on Long Street at round about four in the morning I was ready to go soak up the glorious Sunday.

So ready that I ate three pies in the car and fell asleep. What? The venue is quite far? Yeah it is. But I didn’t feel it. Cause after doing my rendition of “The Life of Pie”, I promptly fell asleep like the fatty I am. I woke up to the voices of my fellow troopers who couldn’t contain their excitement as we were nearing the end of the dirt road! Yeah boy! Five minute road trips are my fave!


After parking we quickly loaded up on various alcoholic beverages and made our way to the dance floor. The sun was starting to rise and was lighting up what is one of the most serenely beautiful venues. The last time I visited this venue was when it could easily have been declared a disaster zone, when the rain Gods sent giant rain bombs plummeting to the Earth during Organik’s Gaian Dream, but this time Apollo seemed to be in a cheerful mood for even as dawn was breaking one could feel it was going to be a smouldering hot and beautiful day.

The mountain peaks cresting in the background as we made our way to the dance floor seemed to be looming over us, these giant sentinels of rock provided a beautiful view to behold along with the surrounds consisting of enchanted forests, fields and the dam where many a splash of fun was to be had as the day grew hotter.

We passed the usual collection of charming food and craft stalls, being greeted by the friendly vendors who seemed to have been up with no sleep at all. Finally reaching the floor I was happy to see that this party was to be a lot more intimate than previous parties I had attended. The dance floor was small and seemed to contain only the survivors of the previous night. In no time I was greeted by the flurry of friendly people I know and by some I was yet to get to know.


I got down to business rather fast, jamming to the sounds of DJ Mark who was giving everyone their breakfast in the form of his choice morning beats.  A great set to start the day to!

Up next came Tron who provided us with his take on psychedelic day time psytrance.  I’ve heard a lot of people say that his music is boring or not hard enough, but for me its pleasant to have a producer around who plays this kind of dreamy, slower, melodic and almost ambient psytrance. I really enjoyed the set as it eased me into the day that was ahead of me.

Once again a DJ who should play at more parties, the veteran known as Gandalf took to the stage and proved once again why he has been in the game for so long. With a careful ear and always mindful to the crowd before him, Gareth played yet another amazing set.

By the time the legend Rinkadink stepped up to the podium the mercury was rising rapidly. I opted for the first of many splashes in the amazing dam above the dance floor. Stumbling in I fell and fucked up my left big toe yet again. Coming up to the surface my good friend Amy warned me that my glasses were atop my head, lucky they never went for a dive. I continued to float about for awhile, admiring the beauty of both the venue and the decor. The row of flags across the water looked amazing fluttering in the light breeze that was caressing and rippling the water.  While floating there and enjoying many a laugh with friends old and new I was enjoying the progressive sounds of Rinkadinks set.


The German born Natron was taking the beats up to the next level as I returned to the floor and it seemed that the crowd was finding new energy in the sweltering heat as they gave it their all. I joined the ranks, up to my usual antics,  dancing like a clown, hula hooping, helping a friend with a tactical chunder, dowsing people with a water  pistol and providing a laugh wherever I could with my brand of silliness.

The day was becoming blur something that always seem to catch up to me. How could it not when I always have so much fun at these things? It’s always an absolute pleasure to get away from the throngs of society and just lose one’s self in a sea of smiling, silly faces. Many a tequila shot was shared with friends as the day drew closer and closer to an end.  That feeling one gets when you’re in the moment with your eyes closed as Connecto drops another thumper. Someone grabs you around the shoulders and embraces you, bringing you out of your own world and into a shared world of pleasure.  That moment when your friends have turned a fellow stomper into a hay buried sarcophagus of sorts, and the reaction of people as they realise someone is lying dead still in the pathway is priceless.


When it came to that time when the music abruptly stopped, Connecto decided he would treat us to not one but two encores! The second time round the music was notably softer, but upon the hands gesturing from the crowd to turn it up, he did so and the cries of excitement brought chills down my spine.

When the music did eventually end, it was hard for many people to leave.  I along with my awesome friend and driver -Sarah Arnold were treated to a little after party in the parking lot, jamming to some Dr Dre , The Fugees , Bob Marley and many other artists. Sipping on whiskey I realised we were not leaving anytime soon. We made one last trip back to the dam where we entertained by Mr Cape Town who was in no hurry to abandon his beach ball as he merrily floated in the dam.

We eventually left the venue round seven in the evening.  A big thanks goes out to all involved, to Jacques , the artists who played, the friendly stall owners, the riggers, friendly security, the smiling faces on the dance floor and a special thanks goes out to Patrick the amazing fireman who doused the overheating stompers for hours all the while jamming with his hose while doing so. I look forward to the next outdoor collaboration between the powers of Organik and Groovy Troopers!

All images by Nik basting: (click here for more)

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