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** This review was written by Papa Afrika

Unfortunately I was unable to make it to last year’s rendition of Groovy Troopers when the almighty Bliss graced us with his presence although I do know that Vision Serpent had mustered a high level of expectation from its dustafarians this time around…

Before I get into the meat and potatoes I thought it necessary to mention that a trooper from our posse had arrived on Friday and stayed until the very end. He was extremely impressed with the entire production, which made writing this even easier.

The Deloreans looking kiff, doc keeps screaming:” this is gonna be some serious shit” and the energy in the car is similar to Michael J Fox at shooting range, pretty shaky. It’s 5am and we have been driving for what seemed like an eternity but we were all well aware that this unnecessary why-the-shit-am-I-awake-now feeling would soon be washed away like our ambitions, integrity and the need to be clean. Not to say that all bush ravers are complete mullets but our Groovy had a birthday attached to it. Things were always going to get thick. And back to the review…

Well not just yet…


Wind is a wonderful element and I’m sure that we respect it and find it pretty gnarly that we can like have like cool skydiving fans on the ground and air-conditioning is a [enter deity]send but I would dig to find the off switch for party days. Dust I can handle as its part of the “job” but add the unrelenting gusts and I felt like Tony Montayo in an “eco friendly” movie redo. This is obviously not the organiser’s fault at all and it’s hardly something to bitch about but just in case the weather folk read this I thought it necessary to mention.

Xatrik welcomed us to the De Hoek venue,which to be dead honest I could not see a thing at first except the expected ultraviolet background scattered with the silhouettes of those that had made it this far. I hadn’t even had a drink yet. I couldn’t see but what I could hear was helping. Dawn was approaching; Anesthetic dropping some bombs, eyes were looking eastwards across the plain for the first glimpse of Ra and hopefully a mate with some reinforcements.  Madd Maxx, knows exactly how the Ape Town gets Down as he has been here before. Man ‘o’ man did he bring new life to that valley in Gouda.It’s as if what went bump in the night seemed to have woken ups its bigger brother and he was there for business.

What I was most impressed with the music at tis Groovy was the variation. I’m sure both the dj/producers and fans are realizing that this little thing called evolution that has, will always happen until the end of time and probably beyond that is, music will die if it does not evolve. I am not saying changing it completely to proggy Skrillex, I am saying evolve. Typical psy basslines mixed in with techier percussion, crunchier more techno-based rhythms with psychedelic undertones. It was refreshing. Well, WAIO was refreshing. This kid, no wait, this fine young gentleman, is from Brazil, is 22 and will blow your fucking mind out of your mind (Yes, out of your mind’s mind). If you cannot dance to this guy or dislike him, you have a fun deficiency and being an accountant is for you. Clearly I am convinced and I know all that were there feel the same way.  After a quick dab of no suntan lotion and a top up it was back to the madness. Regan who is so unbelievably talented it’s scary owned the end of my day. He successfully runs prominent businesses, rocks a family and still has time to whomp, and he whomps hard. Sunday afternoon was filled with way too much groove for its own good and that entire crowd was lapping it up. People must have been feeling proud of themselves on Monday. I was.

After a 3rd encore and realizing that all two thousand of us were flogging a dead horse I started feeling depressed about the start of the week and why I didn’t pay attention in science, I could have definitely managed to scrounge a time machine together by now. We got in the car. The drive was lovely.

Groovy Troopers is renowned for throwing down great events and having not been to one in a while I can say that this still stands very true.

All photos used in this review were taken by Nik Basting.

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