Review| Jungala Festival 2013


It has been quite a while since I’ve last written a review of a trance party, or any party for that matter. I slowly realised that with such parties, the experiences are personal, and the take people have on them can differ greatly and should maybe just be left at that.

Nonetheless, I am one to give credit where it’s due, and it was at Jungala that I’ve come across certain aspects, universal to any a party, that have earned much deserved credit.


I shall refrain from wasting your time taking your through my personal experiences of utter debauchery, for the amount of tequila I’ve drank wouldn’t be of much benefit to your lives (unless you want to take a friendly pride in knowing that I’ve broken my consumption record).

I will, however, take you through some key points that have resulted in Jungala being quite a phenomenal party:

  • The Music – going act by act is a tedious job that will only virtually rape your attention span, yet I feel this underlying need to give some limelight to a few spectacular acts. The recently emerged Technicolour duo are slowly becoming my personal favourite, and seemingly that of many in the crowd. Up Psy Down have caught me by surprise with a top notch performance, and Gandalf Grey has inspired my (futile) attempts in courting a woman using quirky Lord of the Rings pick up lines by delivering a phenomenal back track. Let us not forget Menog, constructing a perfect set that truly reflected his utmost finesse in the field.
  • The Setup – The Jungala team left no room for error here, setting up a great stage powered by an even greater sound system. The décor boasted of immense effort, and the sprinkler system is always a much appreciated perk
  • The Venue – from flowing rivers to green lush trees, the farm really held its own for the duration of the weekend. The terrain, particularly that of the dancefloor, was comfortable enough for all to rid of their shoes ( a signature move to many). Numerous side paths allowed for further exploration of the natural landscapes, yet these were often blocked off by adamant security personnel.
  • The Bar – quick, easy and affordable, all the things one could possibly ask for when needing to indulge in the spirits of life.


As an overall impression? This party was one for the books. Yet as much as I feel the need to give mention to the good, a similar need rises to point two issues that evidently have bothered several members of the crowd:

  1. Poppers is like burger king without bacon, i.e. the worst thing in the world. If you enjoy indulging in such lesser activities, that’s absolutely fine. Yet please be aware that unlike other fixes, this one affects those around you. That is to say, when you open that foul little jar of misery, those in a 10 meters radius from you are now unwillingly partaking in your indulgence. Step off to the side and do your thing, yet don’t release such kraken upon those around you.
  2. Be cool – for a lack of a better term, I mean simply that. There seemed to be several people that decided that their sole role consisted of getting utterly inebriated, followed by ruining everyone’s party around them. Excessively dancing in one’s face, stealing and knocking drinks from strangers’ hands and starting fights are not known to be methods of gaining any form of positive attention. Cut your crap, or get the fuck out. 


But these setbacks are petty in context of the bigger picture, and that is that Jungala was a party worthy of an award. Whilst my personal opinion is clearly irrelevant, Jungala scored a place in my top parties of the season list.

To end this off on a high note, we’d like to send a massive thank you to Romy, Calvin and the psynopticz crew for the effort they put into this.

Yours truly,

Adam King Joo Lifshitz

All images: Ray Chill


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