Review | JC LeRoux presents LeGood Life tour with Goodluck feat. Pascal & Pearce

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Living in Durban, we’ve become used to the fact that we dont get many big international live acts visiting us, unlike the other cities in South Africa, that is why when productions such as JC LeRoux’s LeGood Life tour was announced, many ceased the opportunity to take full advantage of it. Yes the main acts being Goodluck and Pascal & Pearce may have been local but are well worthy of international status, such is the quality of the music they produce.

I first saw Goodluck live last year at the Hooters bikini contest, they had just broke into the local charts with their then hit single Hop on, hop off. The energy levels of the band were on another level, especially from their vocalist Juliet Harding. It is very cliche but she really is like the enegizer bunny, dancing, singing, getting the crowd going, she never stops! They term their style of music “electro swing” which is pretty appropriate with their sounds being very much from the “swing era” fused with modern beats.

Suncoast beach was the venue for the concert and what better place to have a concert in Durban than on the beach! As you all know, there is no such thing as winter on the east coast so most of the crowd rocked up in t-shirts and slops. I was fortunate enough to not have to wait in the long line for entrace as my name featured on the guestlist, which also granted me access to JC LeRoux VIP area. Having VIP access was very handy seeing we had our own bar…and a free tab (hell yeah!) not to mention the tasty snack platters that helped to kill the munchies.

After the thirsts were quenched it was time for Goodluck, Pascal & Pearce who were playing last were kind enough to introduce them to the crowd. Juliet looking stunning as ever got the crowd going as they opened up with “Hop on, hop off”. Song after the song, they just continued to wow the crowd and they there was even a surprise as Matthew Moolman made a guest appearance to perform “Takin’ it easy” with them. Matthew stayed on to perform an acoustic version of Hop on, hop off while Juliet took a short break, then they were back again to seal an impressive show. If I had to compare it to the performance I witnessed last year, I’d have to say the quality is still top notch but they’ve gotten even better. One would never have thought that this was their first proper concert. This was Goodluck’s last show on SA shores as they head over to Europe to show them what SA has to offer. I can only wish them all the best for the tour and Im sure they are going to astound crowds as they do here.

Wait…the show wasn’t over, as after Goodluck left the stage Pascal Ellinas and Dave Pearce better known as Pascal & Pearce came to tear shit up. Being a trance junkie and watching the likes of Miami and Ibiza get epic parties on the beach, it was about time Durbs got something similar. Better known for their remixes, they kicked off proceedings with a remix of one of Goodlucks tracks. I and pretty much most of you first heard of Pascal and Pearce with their single “Paper Skies” getting decent airplay on 5fm, they followed up with epic tracks featuring Louis Carver “Days go by” and their latest offering “Disco Sun” with vocals by Goodluck’s Juliet Harding. I’ve seen the likes of Markus Schulz, ATB, Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Cosmic Gate just to name a few play live and can honestly say these guys in terms of pure entertainment value rank just as high as those mentioned. Heck, I enjoyed their set more than I enjoyed Avicii’s who visited us not to long ago. They played all their hit singles as well as some of their other remixes including the Zedd Remix of Skrillex’s “Breakin a sweat” (highlight of my night). The concert ended at 11:30 which was a bit early than I expected but I’m sure some law is to blame for that. Over all the concert was a blast and just goes to show the quality of talent we have in SA. Go out and support these acts as they really are world class.

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