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As you know, I am a bit of a foodie and do enjoy the kitchen, naked chef’fing and clothed.

Those of you that saw my twitter & instagram feed a while back saw that I was banging on from a restaurant called Burrata.

Well, I decided to frequent the bad boy again, for a 3rd time (2nd for dinner), hence the derving of a review.

Its hard to decide where to start as being about to renovate I almost want to start talking about the decor for an hour. It rocks yo! I would be lying too if I said I havent stolen an idea or 2, namely the below…

This awesome Italian inspired eatery has a pizza oven older (and cooler) than most peoples great grand parents! A ‘slicer for meats and ant pasta in the room so you can watch and a wine cellar visible to you to make your vino hormones scream!

Lets get to the food though, and the mind blowingly awesome wine list (the perks of a restaurant being owned by a sommelier – that a wine genius guy, in this case Neil Grant, to the non French or wine drinking of us). They even have my favourite champagne, Salon.

For starters, I say hit the calamari and bruschette with a vengeance!

On all the occasions I have been there I have tried something different for a main, and to be honest, I dont have a favourite, but the pizza’s which they are famed for, are seriously awesome! No, seriously! That said, the steak is proper emotional too, though you need to be a lover of the finer things in life, namely sweetbreads đŸ˜‰

Desert, well look at it… It was the thing people breakup over due to violent fights over the last piece!

All in all, I really enjoyed it, the prices are really reasonable considering the quality of food you getting and the quality of chef that is cook it, thanks Annemarie Steenkamp!

For bookings and information email or call them on 021 447 6505
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