Review| Avicii – A Tall Order…

*** THIS WAS WRITTEN BY NEIL TALL (Edited by Stroobz)

On a rather blustery Saturday evening, a group of well manicured dapper individuals congregated at the residence of Cape Town’s prodigal dance son, Dean Fuel. With his hair in direct alignment with Mars’s retrograde, the Famous Grouse spilled over ice, and discussions of the impending night began heartily.

We arrived in celebrated glory to the alluring enchantments of Pascal and Pearce’s “Disco Sun” vibrating through the hanger walls. A seamless entrance, regarded as a cornerstone of a great event, lead our way to the already monster crowd. Flinging our elbows and sidestepping the teenagers, we reached the hallowed garden of the golden circle. Largely empty, it seemed unfair to our fellow pleb patrons who had forked out R350 for a regular ticket and were so distant from the stage.

The dynamic P&P duo, of one hairy midget and a mohicaned behemoth, brought an immediate adrenaline shot to the cortex as their trademark sound of massive tunes perfectly suited the large room. The sound was surprisingly astute, considering the large metal hanger with a high-gloss floor and minimal acoustic draping. Staging was provided by Kilowatt AV who managed to achieve a truly magical setup with an obviously minimal budget (Surely due to the self-involved exorbitances of the headliner). With 3D Mapping, Pyrotechnics & CO2 Canons all gracing the main stage, two colossal visual screens adjacent to the DJ box and a host of new-tech LED lighting, it was a privilege to bear witness.

Backstage I met up with P&P and the lovely ladies from Blush & Bass who served as scrumptious eye fodder to an otherwise aesthetically bland lineup. Both the duos were on a high after their performances and the inclusion of beer to the night’s ingredients.

Goldfish had their turn to do what they do best. They were golden. It was great. Im a Cape Tonian, and thus, unsuprised.

Then Fresh’s inordinately dark and grizzly frame adorned the foray. His overwhelmingly large knowledge of dance music and access to the greatest of electronic nuances are infallible, however in honesty his set struggled to achieve greater heights than bang average. His tunes could have been bigger for the caliber of event and his incorporation of the size of the room into the sound of his tunes didn’t translate. Yet in true celebrity fashion he proved the power of crass, and a few “motherfuckas” later everyone was cheering.

It was time for the main act, the big cheese, the flavor of the hour, the crème de la crème, the master of ceremonies, the fucking lord Ewok himself: Avicii (Tim Berg for the haters). Im not the biggest fan of the man myself and was expecting to hear “levels” chant repeatedly for 2 hours, so when he opened with the crowd favorite I thought Freddy Kruger was about to lay a spiny blade through my jugular and end this nightmare. Thankfully the song was cut abruptly, with a return later in his set. Im still not a fan, and my Avicii pom poms and associated cheerleading outfit shall remain stowed this winter, but he did play a very well constructed set with flawless mixing, proving his worth. He decided to endure the pulsating crowd 40mins longer than scheduled, much to the delight of his ever adoring troops.

Dean Fuel had the closing spot for the rest who didn’t rush to Tiger, or whose parents were fetching us promptly. This guy truly is versatile. The perfect closing set was played, in a fashionable yet remarkably suitable style for both the venue and the time slot. And as quickly as the night had begun, the climactic end ensued. The lights were on, and we funneled ourselves out of the Thunder dome.

There was a lot of hating going on around this party. “You don’t know his real name this, you don’t know all his songs that…”

Why? Cape Town is always so flippant about how everybody wants to be a DJ, but then they hate on the general public for their lack of underground knowledge. For the record to all the “underground” musical snobs: please stop it. Avicci is not underground, just because you know one of his youtube hits that only reached the 2 million views as opposed to the massive popularity of Levels, does not make you the Vasco De Gama of musical royalty. Events like this are good for our industry. It’s even better for the electronic genre. 5yrs ago Tiger Tiger wouldn’t think of playing electro or house, now every major commercial song has electronic influence. Stop hating and embrace every DJ that hits our shores. Welcome them and party to their Camembert infused songs milked to death by 5FM. In the past years we have been inundated by musical opulence in a variety of genres and its through the exposure garnered by events like this. Just have a little fun, shake a little ass, and know that your DJ hero will be here soon…

This was edited by the one and only @Stroobz – Read more from him, right here: (click here)

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