Review | Alforno Ristorante – A Hidden Italian Gem in The Heart of De Waterkant.

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We as Capetonians are truly blessed and spoiled for choice when it comes to the myriad and variety of restaurants around town. It seems a new place pops up every month, and while many of them don’t last some real gems tend to rise up from the concrete.

Alforno Ristorante is just one of these new hidden gems to grow out from the cobblestones of the uber trendy area that is De Waterkant. De Waterkant has it’s fair share of trendy places, new and old and Al Forno is the latest addition to the culinary rich part of the CBD.

We decided to pay the authentic Italian restaurant a visit last Friday upon hearing a few word of mouth reviews, and as those type of reviews tend to go, we were pleasantly surprised.

We expected a good meal, what we got was that of an honest and authentically delicious Italian meal.

I ordered the Angela’s pizza, tomato, mozzarella, bacon, feta and avo because bacon. My lady ordered the antipasto misto which is a delectable selection of Italian cold meats served with a mini caprese salad, roasted peppers, olives and garlic focaccia.

What set’s Alforno apart from all the countless other Italian bistros and ristorante’s in Cape Town is the authenticity and honesty behind the menu. Every dish is prepared with careful attention to detail. From the perfectly crispy pizza base, the amount of cheese and quality thereof to the presentation of the meats of the Antipasto Misto, it was clear to us that the chef or chefs in the kitchen prepared each meal with love and true Italiano passion.


What’s more is the fact that this magical discovery also does breakfast and fantastic specials to boot. R40 gets you the breakfast special (2 eggs, bacon, baked beans, toast and coffee) which runs everyday! They also have a daily pizza or pasta plus a glass of wine special, R75 gets you the pizza or pasta of your choice plus a glass of red or white. Unlike many restaurants who run their own specials the beauts at Alforno also accept Entertainer vouchers!

That’s not all folks. On certain evenings you can expect live music from a variety of local artists which are suited to the laid back, homely feel of this Italian gem.

If authentic, delicious, honest and not pretentious Italian dining is up your alley then Alforno is for you.

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