Retrospectrum : Melodic Groove Presents Talpa

Retrospectrum: Melodic groove
Producers session

Retro spectrum: A breakdown of color and sound . This bass driven experience is brought to you to celebrate the coming of the winter season
Music will progress in tempo and style throughout the course of the event . Cape Towns finest producers and Djs sampling from the Progressive tech, progressive trance , psytrance and psytech genres will showcase their works to those who attend.

Talpa (Tesseract Records) (SER)

We would like to welcome Talpa to our beautifull city of Cape Town. Talpa a.k.a. Goran Juric was born on 22nd of July, 1982. The very first idea for this project he got in November 1999 attending the big techno/trance party “TraNSplant 2” in mega-club ‘Paradiso’ in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Soon after starts the big and active work on music making and production inspired by original goa trance sound. Many tracks are compiled, production gets better and better and after 3 years of hard work he finally finds the sound that will become his main occupation in the upcoming period.

Making contacts with Trance labels, record companies and artists around the world who showed a big interest in this project is the first big step in his career. His music finally gets its way to the audience.

After thoughtful negotiations a decision is made: “SunDance records” from Australia. In the summer of 2002 they released two Talpa’s tracks on the ‘Vibraspirit 23’ compilation: ‘Kalashari’ & ‘Mandragor’. In the summer of 2003 one more track found its place on SunDance’s release ‘SunDaze’. It is a single called ‘Talpania’.

Talpa also released the album “The Art Of Being Non” with “SunDance Records”.

Apart from project Talpa, Goran works on one more project (currently without any working name) which goes deeply into downbeat music mixing it with psy trance and freestyle flavor…


Venue: Casa Blanca
Venue capacity 1000 people
sleek upmarket venue located in Green Point
2 dancefloors
open till 4am

*****************Venue capacity is limited*****************

NO ALCOHOL MAY BE BROUGHT ONTO THE VENUE, Cash bars will be available
ROAR , strictly over 21 (ID on request), No illegal items will be allowed on the venue
Attending the venue means abiding by the venue and event rules. Attendance at own risks
No bad attitudes or reckless behaviour will be tolerated,

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