Get to know Resurrection Esports – SA’s pro-gaming clan taking PUBG Mobile by storm


Introducing Resurrection Esport, a clan of professional and top-ranked players from all across South Africa.

MyCityByNight is proud to announce our partnership with South Africa’s top PUBG Mobile collective, Resurrection. We’ll be working closely with them, training up and entering the competitive side of PUBG Mobile – expect some awesome updates coming soon and more chicken dinners in local tournaments and events as the Resurrection team continues to take top honours.

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We were lucky enough to chat with a few of the Resurrection members to find out more about the clan, the players and this awesome new partnership.

Name: Paul Govender (resG)
Name: Eduan Small (resTHRAX)
Name: Cody McCalgan (resPSYCHOWOLF)
Name: Joshua Jacobs (resGENESIS)


MCBN: What does this partnership mean to the clan at Resurrection and how does this help the growth of the clan? 

resG: We’ve had a few ideas in mind and offers in terms of partnering with different companies and organizations. None seemed fitting or exciting to us. Then along came MCBN…

The partnership for us, means a lot, in the sense of social backing to get the Resurrection name out there, not only in South Africa but across all PUBG Mobile countries, while taking MCBN into the competitive side of Esports with us. Resurrection is a family and we want to grow, as a family alongside our partners and potential future sponsors, becoming a well known Esports team.

Shout out to #resAZRAEL

Posted by Resurrection Esports on Thursday, 21 May 2020

MCBN:  Can you tell us a bit of background about Resurrection Esports & how it came about and give us some info into the clan at the moment?

resTHRAX: Resurrection Esports started with a merge between a few players who played in 2 different teams, against each other, in local scrimmages and leagues. We then decided that it would be better to join the 2 teams and “Resurrect” a brand new team from the ashes to try and dominate the local Esports scene in South Africa.

At the time, when we went about this, our name was something totally different but later we changed to the Resurrection that everyone knows today.

As time went on some players were lost and some joined other teams but we also gained a bunch of new talent and we are still competing to the best of our potential.

MCBN: What are some of the main achievements you’ve reached as the Resurrection Clan?

TEAM: We have won countless scrimmages, and we have also placed highly in Mettlestate`s leagues for 4 seasons and also the Nkosi cup qualifiers.

Resurrection dominated at last year’s raAge Gaming Expo with one of our players winning 1st prize at the PUBG Mobile Tencent & Vodacom stand.

We recently won the match PUBGs Battle Room Brawls, which puts us straight into the finals

MCBN: Give us the highs and lows of being a South African Esports Clan?

resPSYCHOWOLF: That’s a rather difficult question, but definitely the highs would be to compete amongst the best players in South Africa and to learn new things daily. 

Also, it’s a pleasant feeling to know that your clan is well known amongst other South African teams and players, ultimately it’s the best feeling in the world to see the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”  at the end of a match while playing in a competitive environment.

From the low point of view, I would say opportunities are at a minimum for many teams because not everyone has a decent phone or stable internet connection.

MCBN: Do you think brands and sponsors play a big enough role in Esports in South Africa currently or would you like to see more interest from them?

resTHRAX: Currently I would say no, brands and sponsors I think have not personally taken a lot of interest in Esports in South Africa in the past, but in recent months, slowly but surely brands are getting more eager to jump in. At this stage, I would say that sponsors are still a bit scared to invest in a certain team so actually getting a sponsor is extremely difficult and there are always those pesky terms and conditions

Posted by Resurrection Esports on Tuesday, 26 May 2020

MCBN: This is always a tough question because personally, we think Resurrection are the best in the game but tell us, who is your favourite opponents 

resG: My favourite teams personally to play against would definitely have to be: Temper, Ekasi Esport, GUN (Gamers Unite Nations), Vibrant Gaming and Vegeta Gaming. I always say that the better the opponent the more you learn to adapt and strategically win, and losing isn’t always a bad thing. Losing tells you what went wrong and gives you the opportunity to improve on certain aspects to create new and better tactics as a team.

MCBN: Where do you see local Esports in 5 years time? 

resGENESIS: An SA drop-down server choice would be out of this world! In 5 years time, I would love to see it on the level that North America, India and China are on, but I think the Esports development in South Africa is a bit slower than most countries. So in 5 years time, I would have to say that we should be at a much higher level to compete on a global scale along with the rest of the world. PMCO would be the ultimate!

MCBN: The Resurrection team will be heading to the Inkosi Cup & MettleState Finals, how do you choose your official squad for this and how often do you prep and practice for a competition like this?

TEAM: Choosing an official squad is always a difficult job, first you need to look at who actually has the time to play all the matches. Secondly, you need to get all the squad roles filled. You have to find a balance, you can have the 4 best fraggers in-game but still won’t win, so we choose the best player for each role. That is your entry fragger, your support fragger, your sniper/overwatch and then your scout/anchor. The 2 subs that we choose are players who can play part in any of the above-mentioned roles.

Practice takes place daily in scrims and classics, so as to keep the fingers loose and senses on point and also sort out all the kinks to avoid making mistakes in the tournaments and leagues.

MCBN: We all have our favourite weapon to use. We’ve recently had fun knocking opponents out with running frying pan attacks, what are your favourites, and why?

resG: My favourite will have to be an M416 for mid to long-range sprays and then an M762 for those close encounter battles which we all love so much.

My favourite sniper weapon would be my faithful DMR Mini-14 which most players on the battlefield have come to know, I simply love.

MCBN: What’s your favourite map in PUBG Mobile and why

resPSYCHOWOLF:  Miramar, because it’s a versatile map that focuses distance fighting and sniping, as well as maintaining high ground. Although it is a part of the game, it, fortunately, doesn’t favour snaking and camping due to its openness 

MCBN: Getting into a clan like Resurrection, what does it take? What does a new player need to do to join the ranks? Is there specific levels of entry or do they need to hunt you down in the battlefield and get the recognition of the team?

resGENESIS: It all depends on what your views are for yourself, if you just want to play casually then you just need to be an average player and must know how to have fun. If you want to play competitively then we take a look into your stats a bit more and then we have a trial process that we do to ensure that your personality fits in with the rest of the team and that you have the same game sense to perform the tasks given to your role in a match.

We also do not tolerate any toxic or bad behaviour towards teammates or any other player in the game. At the end of the day, only if our Leadership agrees unanimously, then we take on a new player.

MCBN: What is the best aspect of PUBG Mobile from your perspective?

TEAM: PUBG Mobile has brought a lot of people together from all over, not just in-game but real life (That is how I and resG became friends IRL). It also gives you time to relax and unwind with friends and ultimately, it’s the absolute rush that you get from playing competitively. There aren’t words that could describe the feeling and the intensity of a competitive match.

MCBN: Any last words for the MCBN audience and readers out there? 

TEAM: It is an honour for us to partner with MCBN and its followers.

We feel Resurrection as a clan has been pushing boundaries, opposing teams should know, we aren’t easy “kills” – we’re a team that’s going to amaze viewers and stun opponents in-game with our cohesive tactics and unshakable team synergy.  LET’S GO RES!

Thank you for your time!

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