Restaurant Week South Africa 2013 dates have been confirmed

Restaurant Week main image for Facebook

If you had to describe Restaurant Week, you could probably say that it’s most similar to the Winter specials you’d normally get at restaurants, except compressed into the space of one week. The initiative is absolutely awesome as it encourages the public to get out and try the culinary delights from SA’s top restaurants at a reduced price, nationwide.

This year Restaurant Week South Africa will be taking place from 24 October – 3 November and will offer up the opportunity to chow for a specially discounted set menu price of: R95 for a 2-course lunch or R175 for a 3-course dinner. There are generally only a limited amount of seats available for the set-menu at the restaurants each day so it’s best you get booking when the system goes online on the 7th October at 8pm.

For more details around which restaurants are participating in your area, check out the following links:

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