Reso… WHAT?

With the New Year comes the dreaded word… resolution.
I asked a few people what their thoughts are on the subject of the ever-popular ‘New Year Resolution’.
Fascinatingly enough, it came up as a direct 50/50 split in opinions – that coming from 11 people and then my added point of view too! The interesting part was that the percentage of either group answered in precisely the same manner…

As expected the one group whole-heartedly believed that it’s a load of BS! That people usually break their new found commitments within the first week of making them. Another message coming across very strongly was that people should rather focus on setting goals for the year that are attainable, and that being said not necessarily meaning starting in the first month of the year.

The other group believed that everyone needed some form of motivation to kick of the New Year.
A fresh start. Fresh beginnings and the best time to push yourself to the limit.

The most popular resolutions are to stop smoking, starting a diet, to get back to gym or to put a healthy living/lifestyle routine in place – sadly, as soon as someone fails with any of these in the month of January, their mindset is automatically switched to a sense of inability to accomplish. Therefore the ‘resolution’ is placed on the back burner.
For instance, saying they will start gym again on the 1st of Jan, then faulting to do so, might result in them waiting another 4 months before even considering sparking those intentions again.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind, is that you shouldn’t set your sights too high. Make a timeline of what it is you want to change, and give yourself a break when doing so. We are all human, and we all stumble. Pick yourself up from the dirt and try again, remembering why it is that you chose the resolution in the first place.
Always keep your eyes on the prize! If that means sticking a fat photo on your mirror, pasting a picture of a lung cancer patient on your wall or anything that will trigger a disgust for old habits, then DO IT!

What are yours? Do you need kick in the toosh?
I know that I’ve been doing pretty well up to now with getting some of my goals in place, but it takes a daily motivation kiddo’s!
I’ve also found a link that might have some ideas on how to get the failed resolutions back on track

So GOOD LUCK to all of you that have decided to take the plunge!

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  1. Can safely say that the resolutions for the gym are slowly fading…
    Wakakakaka, they are failing!
    We don’t have to queue to get onto a treadmill!

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