Resign Smit, Retire Habana, Fire de Villiers

I think I can speak for all self respecting South Africans when I say that Saturdays loss to the All Blacks was heart breaking. I am so angry over the manner in which we went down that I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things. John Smit missing that tackle was honestly the single worst moment I have ever witnessed in a Springbok test. Some of the drubbings we have received over the years pale in comparison.

Let me start with that sniveling, unqualified quota coach Pieter de Villiers.
Firstly the man has zero respect for the game and puts his foot in his mouth every time there is a microphone near his face.

Secondly perhaps ability should have been taken into account before skin colour when the coach was selected. To quote Oregan Hoskins at the time of de Villiers appointment “not only rugby reasons were taken into account”.

Thirdly his selections have been disgraceful with no fetcher, not having the authority to drop a grossly out of form Habana and that fat plodder Ricky Januarie making the cut time after time. When I saw his overweight and utterly useless frame rolling onto the field with less then 5 minutes to go I knew there was trouble. Why sub Francois Hougaard at that stage who had performed so well? If one watches the replay of Smit missing that tackle you can clearly see the overweight and useless Ricky Januarie jogging in cover defence. He made absolutely no effort what so ever and then was completely outpaced by Morne Steyn, not a particularly fast man who had played 75 minutes more rugby. It is pitiful.

One also wonders how Chilliboy keeps making the squad but I fear for my safety when talking about him as I am fairly confident he is an ANC spy. However at least he is a good player, does not deserve his place but a good player nonetheless.

Why in the name of all things sane was Jake White fired less then a week after achieving rugby’s greatest honour? Only the spineless politician kissing toads at SARU will ever know.

Brian Habana needs to be dropped. How many times this year is he going to go for that opportunistic intercept and fail? Where is the management? Where is the accountability? I for one would love to see the South African press do their job and ask Pieter de Villiers at the next press conference if anything is being done about this problem. I know Brian Habana is now a money hungry media whore rather then a proud Springbok but is it really too much to ask for him to communicate on defence? I blame the loss on him more then Smit. The forward pass should be overlooked despite the ref and linesman blatantly ignoring it. Brian Gary Habana is the reason we lost on Saturday with his glory seeking and stupidity. One good break the man made and they stole the ball right off him (illegally if you watch the replay). It is Lwazi Mvovos time to shine.

Things have changed.

John Smit’s time is over. We should have nothing but respect for the man and I was not even angry that he missed that tackle due to his distinguished service. It is Pieter de Villiers fault that he missed it because he has failed to uphold the high standards of conditioning set by Jake White and Eddie Jones. It would take far more courage to resign at the end of the Tri-nations to give way for Victor Matfield then to try carry on holding the team together.

Piere Spies is lazy. Much more is expected from a man with his physical attributes. I stand by the opinion that he needs a quality scrum half to perform properly and Francios Hougaard may be it but he should have been playing from day one? Without Heinrich Brussouw, Spies should make way for Ryan Kankowski especially when you consider his current form.

One set of rules should be applied to both teams. I have watched the game 3 times now and I have noticed the All Black policy of three lazy runners on the open side on many of the Boks attacking rucks in the visitor 22. This obviously stops us from using the full width of the field. Its an absolute disgrace that Paddy O’Brian does not have the spine to address these issues. I do not care what anyone says, the All Blacks cheat at almost every break down, ruck and lineout. They have been the smartest team in world rugby for some time now. From the kick off Matfield was tackled in the air and at the first line out at 2;20 Richie Mcaw pulled Burger down before the ball was even caught. How the man gets away with what he does only he and the refs will ever know. He gets allocated so much more time to roll away then any other player in the world. We deserved to lose that game due to our poor conditioning but poor refereeing consistently cheats us. Why do other Tri Nations games get the use of vastly superior southern hemisphere refs but we get these useless yarpie loathing Europeans.

Id like to finish by reminding everyone of this previous post five months ago where I identified four future bok stars. Three of whom made their first starts this weekend. If Pieter de Villiers had any intelligence or insight perhaps the fourth would have also had the opportunity.

Post courtesy of our resident rugger writer, Brigadier Dylok! Cheers my man!

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  1. Well said – although i would be wary of firing John just before the world cup – Remember what Jake White said his most powerful weapon in the last WC was – EXPERIENCE. And we will need plenty of it next year.

    I’m not saying start him, maybe as a replacement for Liebenberg who surely ,and maybe including Bismarck, has to be a better selection than Chilliboy.

  2. Yeah Someone, he does have the experience and following of the players around him, which is a great thing but he is definitely past his sell by date. Like you say and I have to agree, Liebenberg surely deserves a chance. Chilliboy – thumbs down!

    Its going to be an interesting few months running up to the World Cup next year…

  3. Nice article, well articulated and you put across good points. Cant wait to fire devilliers but i think we're nuts if that will ever happen. He's a staunch ANC loyalist and thats what counts in this piss-take of a democracy!

  4. Im sorry but i cannot say i agree with this article… Before i start my rant let me just agree with stroob that your piece is well written… however some of your points disturbed me.

    come on now… there is no reason to let yourself become the stereotypical Bokke supporter

    Yes Saturdays lose was heartbreaking but your blatant attack on some of our countries best players is out of line in my humble opinion.

    John Smit- Now for anyone to try even point a finger of blame in his direction is a shame. This man bleeds green and gold and the only reason he missed the last tackle was due to the amount of work he got through building up to that moment.

    Stats between Keven Mealamu vs John Smit on

    Clean outs on own ball: 20-17

    Counter Ruck: 3-5

    Ball Carries over Gain Line: 73%-100%

    Im sorry but John Smit deserves to be in the team, he is an incredible leader that will be a pivotal part of our WC2011 campaign and trust me the day he cant keep up, he will be the first to admit it… this man is nothing but class!

    As for Habana… you are probably the same person jumping in your seat screaming 'habana you beauty'… how you can so quickly turn one of our most important players is hilarious!

    " I know Brian Habana is now a money hungry media whore rather then a proud Springbok but is it really too much to ask for him to communicate on defence?"

    how have you come to this conclusion? SIS!

    And as for Spies… I have doubts that Kankowski (who is one of my favourite players) has the ability to step in front of Spies… Great Currie Cup & Super 14 but has not looked nearly as promising in the Bok team… Spies is a freak of nature… i dare anyone on this blog to try step in front of that man at pace… His hand off alone is enough to take the head of a small child!

    We do however need a fetcher… Were to fit him in? shit now thats a tuff 1!

    I do however agree that Chilliboy is a joke… i actually feel sorry for the guy.. it must suck knowing you are only there because of your colour!

    As for P De Villers, i had high hopes for the man, i was all for the policy of bringing up the U21 coach with the young players but unfortunately he has not met the bar… there has been a definate shift from the calm composed rugby we witnessed in the Jake White era… but i think rather than waste your time hating PDV, appreciate how good White was… if there is any chance of him rejoining the Bok Camp they should jump at it! lets be honest we have had a fair share of shocking coaches. our players are tired and that is the only real problem that needs to be dealt with!

    Nothing bothers me more than fair weather supporters… sport is emotional and there is nothing wrong with getting emotional about it but do not misplace you passion… do not lower yourself onto the level of the British fans who will be quick to tell you how great England is(soccer) but even quicker to tell you how shit they are when they loose…

    The Bokke will go forth to the WC and do the nation proud even(god forbid) with PDV at the helm and it is the players like John Smit, Habana and Spies that will ensure that we are the team to beat come WC 2011!

    To close off some interesting stats to ponder over…

    The Springbok team of 2006 lost 7 of their 14 tests just before winning 2007 RWC, also thrashed 49-0 by Wallabies, Jake White nearly lost his job and the nation tuned on them(just how you have)! perhaps the 2010 Bok team aren't in dire straights after all…

    1. Someone give this man a prize! Def comment/reply of the year!
      Ps very informative views too.

  5. No man- we must just all love the bokke they have been so good to us…

    New Zealand are peaking (premturely again) and we are building for the world cup again. Lets get Jake White Back, rumour has it it may happen.

    Spies was the Affies wing when i was in matric at school- I really feel to have a loos forward as one of the fastest players on the field is a great asset, Just the corresponding loosies need to complement him.

    my 2 cents:)

    i love the Boks even if they dont win a game this tri nations

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