Residents are going to need a permit to Braai?

A mate of mine over at Green Point News sent me this shocker of a headline  and it goes a little something like this:


A new law to combat carbon emissions by making residents get permits to have a braai, WHAT? Is the government out of their minds? We have just introduced the new smoking laws (which no one listens to anyway) Why not take all the unroadworthy cars off the road which are blowing deadly fumes from their exhausts? And they now want you to pay R80 for a 3 month permit, which gives you unlimited braai access, thats R320 a year, TO BRAAI? If you dont want to buy a 3 month permit, you can always buy a R10 once off braai permit. If you buy this once off permit, you have to stipulate where and when you are going to have your braai. Who the hell is going to do that? thats just ridiculous, this is South Africa, we LOVE to braai here… Fines are going to be issued to home owners who dont adhere to the laws of R500. Commercial venues such as taverns and resturants that use braai’s are also going to be targeted by the new laws. I cant actually believe what I’m reading, this is South Africa. Braai’s are part of our culture, our heritage. I really hope this doesn’t come into play anytime soon.

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  1. This is something else since this new goverment has come into play they've done nothing but change the smallest and most ridiuclous laws! so now does it mean they'll get money from people in the shacks and on the streets to braai!!!

    To finish id like to say this is insanity and No1 will make me pay to braai besides the coles and food i buy,so start trying to change laws against murders rapist and leave us Alone because from now on im going to be thinking about u while im haven the best free braai ever and chowing a leKker Suid african braai! LOL

  2. OH yea one more thing……. carbon immesions come mainly from cars gaint factories and plants where they are welding and using the worst chemicals and u want to stop a braai, not everyone braais everyday at the same time , so thats the silliest thing because it wont stop anything besides a little bit of smoke 🙂

  3. Dave: so true my man, I know that everyone these days is all about green peace and all, but rather change laws against criminals etc, I think I might join you in having a LEKKER Suid Afrikaaner braai soon! 🙂

  4. They are just taking the pride of south africa away! Our braai right china , so why stop all the fun entjies are understandable but my braai! I will fight for my braai 🙂

  5. Oh no do I now have to pay to throw a chop on my own braai? Is it April Fool's Day by any chance?

    1. @Sandy: By the looks of things, yes you are going to have to pay, but i'm really REALLY hoping that April Fools has come early!

  6. You cant amke us pay for braais!!! really now, that is the most nonsensical law that I've ever heard of. Where DO they come up with this nonsense?

  7. Guys this is as real as it gets, this article is from one of those government newspapers they circulate on a sunday!!!!

    I asked a few people at mzoli's they laughed and said they'd vote for the NA…. because "the white man" showed them how to braai a chop andd have a dop….

    It goes without saying this law will never be passed, because once eskom raises electricity again the only way we'll be able to eat and keep warm will be with a braai!!!!

  8. @Gareth, you are very right, with the constant electricity raises by eskom fire is going to be the cheaper option. The government will find anything to tax us on. Its sickening!

    PS: Thanks for the article;)

  9. hahahahaha, thanks for clearing that up Cara, good spot!! People were starting to get emotional… Even I was!!

    Cant stop a South African from BRAAI'ing!!! hehehe

  10. I totally hear you guys!! It landed in my inbox a while ago and I was like HELL NO! I love braais, synonymous with summer!

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