Resident Evil 7 Is Out & It’s Super Scary!

Resident Evil 7 Is Out & It's Super Scary!


Resident Evil has been around for over 20 years (can you believe it?) and has respawned as a super scary version of itself with the brand new Resident Evil 7, which was released a week or so back. I’ve missed out on the last couple of editions, but based on the opinions of my hardcore gamer friends it wasn’t to my detriment – they felt that the franchise had lost its way somewhat. That has all changed with the latest release – it’s super scary and will most definitely give you nightmares.


Some insane people out there have already put in the hours required to finish off Resident Evil 7 and they’ve put together a super cut of some of the scariest and most gory moments from the game to inspire you to order this game for yourself.

Ps. Don’t watch this, if you don’t want any spoilers for the game. I mean come on… obvious!

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