Request a McLaren 650S on-demand with Uber and GQ South Africa!

McClaren Uber

Start your engines Cape Town, because this Friday 07 August, Uber users in the Mother City stand a chance of requesting a McLaren 650S on-demand with Uber and GQ South Africa! The powerful supercar will be cruising the streets of Cape Town, ready to pick up lucky requesters FOR FREE!

The view opens this Friday, 07 August, between 12pm – 3pm. Demand for the ultra luxurious supercar will be through the roof, so keep if you don’t get it the first time be sure to keep trying!

New to Uber?

Download the application HERE and signup using the promo code UberMcLarenSA to request a FREE supercar ride, compliments of Uber and GQ South Africa! Already an Uber user? Simply input the promo code to request a ride!

How it works:

  1. Open the Uber app & enter the promo code UberMcLarenSA to unlock the unique view

  2. Toggle over to the UberMcLaren icon and request a ride as you normally would

  3. Within minutes, the McLaren 650S will arrive at your location ready to take you where you need to go!

Under the hood:

  • Trips are limited to a maximum distance of 5km

  • The McLaren 650S accommodates only ONE passenger at a time

  • Successful requesters are limited to one trip only

Be sure to request a ride in the McLaren 650S this Friday and arrive in style with Uber and GQ! Spots are limited, so fastest fingers first!

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