Reporter Quits On Air After Announcing She Owns A Pot Club


Charlo Greene (perfect name in this situation) of KTVA in Alaska decided to do what many people would love to do, quit their job on air, once she revealed she was the owner of the AK Cannabis Club. Not only did she quit on LIVE tv she also did it in style…

She also posted a video as to why she quit which show us a really fantastic, passionate side and her aim at doing things the right way. Legalise.

“Who is willing to take a stand? I’m not afraid, clearly. But if you are, I don’t judge you or any other man. Nearly a century of marijuana prohibition and stigma have stained America, the land of the free and home of the brave. But we have a chance to start taking back the right. Today it’s marijuana prohibition and, once we get that done nationally, we the people will realize that we are stronger than ever and you will feel empowered to take up what you choose to fight. Advocating for freedom and fairness should be everyone’s duty. I’m making it my life work, to uphold what America stands for truly: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — ideals that now need to be defended.”

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