Reporter Gets Punched In The Face During Broadcast

Reporter Gets Punched In The Face During Broadcast

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We’ve seen some really odd things happen to news reporters while they’re on busy doing a story on live tv, including getting robbed and now we can add yet another oddity to this ever growing list. Last week during a report from Iris Delgado outside Philadelphia City Hall, a random woman decided that she’d walk up to the Telemundo reporter and clock her in the face without any real provocation.

The random brawler literally walks up to Iris, taps her on the back and says “excuse me” – and after getting ignored, just winds one up and smashes her full on in the face. It’s pretty epic stuff and is more than likely going to lead to some jail time for the street fighting woman.

Check it out:

Sorry Iris, I can’t even say that you deserved that one bit – I suppose now you’ve earned your stripes as a “real” journalist?

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