Reporter demonstrates what to do when a bear attacks

if you're attacked by a bear

Thankfully we don’t have bears here in South Africa, but have you ever wondered what to do if a bear ever decided to attack you? Well, reporter Julie Tremmel demonstrated exactly what needed to be done when a bear attacked… either that or she was having a seizure.

In the video the  reporter for the Providence NBC affiliate demonstrated advice given by experts:

“According to experts, you should avoid direct eye contact with the bear. Don’t run away, instead back off slowly. Wave your arms to let the animal know you’re human. Don’t yell. Stay quiet unless the bear attacks then scream and throw things at the bear. If the bear attacks, curl up into a ball on your side or lay flat on your stomach. And above all, stay calm.”

Not the best way to do things in my opinion, but hey… that’s what the experts say you should do, apparently.

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