Rent My Bay is the new app aiming to end Cape Town’s parking nightmare


Cover ImageJohn Kappa on Unsplash

Cape Town has always had a major parking problem and it’s only getting worse. The Mother City is probably one of the most frustrating cities to commute in – its annoyingly narrow roads that are made even more narrow by endless rows of parallelled cars, dwindling parking space and insane tariffs are all enough to make you want to pull your face skin off.

But there seems to be hope, with innovative young locals fighting to combat this unnecessary day-to-day frustration through technology. We recently wrote about the City One app, a new concept that encourages individuals to share personal rides with other people who take the same daily route as each other. Now, another new platform called Rent My Bay has been designed to take on the exhausting task of reducing the search for parking by connecting drivers who are not using their private bays with drivers who need one, in exchange for payment of course.

Rent My Bay is the brainchild of Cape Town residents and entrepreneurs, Craig Murray and Andreas Botha. They created a platform which allows users to search for parking in specific areas, at specific times that they require. The mobile app is still in development and will be launched soon. For now, you can simply register on the Rent My Bay platform and automatically start searching, booking and paying for parking in any area of Cape Town or list your parking bay for rent.

Parking bay owners can choose which days they want to make their space available and set their price. The platform offers two types of parking services; a ‘regular parking service’, where an owner rents it out on a monthly/long term basis or a ‘shared parking service’, where a bay is rented during periods when the owner is not using it, like when they are at work or away on vacation.

Rent My Bay seems like an excellent way for drivers to help minimise a big problem while earning extra cash on the side. For more information and to sign up, visit the Rent My Bay website and check out their Facebook page too.


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