Renegade Bingo – Redneck Riviera 2

Redneck Renegade

Redneck Riviera 2 ….A Return to the Swamp.

A secretive bout of chance, wit, and shouting BINGO !! at the top of your voice. There will be tomfoolery and irreverence…Renegade Performers….smut….mad music and wicked prizes from Jack Daniels, Sailor Jerry, El Jimador, MONSTER, and our usual lovelies, Wildfire Tattoos, SCAR hair, Roeland Liqours, Shootopia gun range and a host of other lovelies !!

At this Riviera…. Expect Mrs Meth and the Daughters of Spam, Bluegrass and Blue-Balls, Rotting Teeth and Rebel Yells, Grease-Mullets and Mules, Trailer Jenny’s Moonshine, Crackers and Hog-flesh….Dixie Gals….Shotguns, and a large portion of Yeeeeee-haaaaaah !!!

Friday 29th May 2015
The Hope Street Market : 14 Hope Street, Gardens, Cape Town
Dress Code : Hillbilly Heaven !!
Book a table for 5 or 10 for granny-slappin’ good times.
Get tickets here:

For Playin’ : Sit down by 8.30….games 9-11….underworld 11-2am
For Chewin’ : BBQ out the back !
For Dancin’ : Ho-down after in the basement with Mix’n’Blend and locally inbred DJ’s !!
For Sippin’ : Bars by Renegade….fast and fierce darlin’ !!

Club Rules :
No Damn Yankees
No Chirping
No Acting
No Softies
No Posers
No kak
No False Bingos
No Pets
No Under 18’s

General info :

To secure a table you need to pay in full for a table of 5 or 10. Once you’ve booked and paid for your table, you are welcome to add friends to join table. To do so, they need to purchase a single ticket online and refer your table booking name and surname in the space provided on the e-ticket. Maximum 20 per group, Olé.

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