Remove Justin Bieber from your internet with this add-on

bieber blocker 2

Justin Bieber has been in the news quite a bit lately with his rather bizarre antics in London involving an altercation with paparazzi, arriving 2 hours late for his show and passing out while on stage due to “difficulty breathing”. You can’t go anywhere on the internet without reading a headline about how traumatised he is or seeing his smug face, unless you have this Firefox add-on that is.

Created by Free Art and Technology Lab developer Greg Leuch in 2010, the Shaved Bieber is able to block out all Bieber content right down to any pictures of the 19 year old singer

‘We’ve developed a series of innovative tools to help cover the lower regions of web pages from unwanted Justin Bieber content,’ ‘Shave away those Bieber mentions on web sites with our bookmarklet, Firefox Add-on, or JavaScript files.’


Bieber Blocker

It works on every site, from Twitter to Google to Wikipedia and is available in 2 forms: an add-on, which does all the Bieber removal automatically, or a bookmarklet, which requires the user to click on it before it hides all mentions of the pop star.

Best news ever! We’ll all be able to surf the net in peace when The Biebs lands in South Africa later this year for his concert tour thanks to this nifty piece of tech.

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