Remember, Remember The Month Of Movember

Remember, Remember The Month Of Movember - And Spread The World About Cancer & Male Health

It’s nearly time for the month of  Movember… Remember, remember the 5th of November –


I can almost see the confusion on your faces; what does “Guy Fawkes” have in common with Movember? Well, most of you will now be familiar with the Movember movement, which was started by the founders of the Movember Foundation to raise awareness for Male health, while Guy Fawkes is about Guido Fawkes’ plot to overthrow the King and a conspiracy to blow up the houses of parliament in Great Britain….still confused?

The Brits celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes’ attempt every year on 5 November by burning a symbolic “guy” –  kind of gory if you ask me, but it got me thinking that this month we need to symbolically follow in this trend and burn our “guy-ness”! That is, burn this macho persona, burn the idea that you have to have it all figured out and can never show any sign of weakness, and burn the idea that you need to “be a man”, because I think that is one of the key messages of Movember.


Movember is all about getting to grips with the fact that sometimes we need help, learning how to ask for it, being OK with saying ‘I’m not OK’ and also about taking positive steps to make sure you and your fellow men are ‘ok’. So here’s the deal, Movember is a movement which aims to raise awareness about Male Health, focusing on Mental Health, Testicular Cancer and Prostate Cancer. Let’s face it, most of us feel a bit awkward talking about male health, and if we do, we tend to scratch the surface and focus on the T’s and C’s (or rather T’s and P’s being testicles and prostates), but maybe it’s time we really rip off the band aid and pay some proper attention to Male Mental Health. We’ve lost some great people recently who’ve suffered from mental illness so why not?

This month we will bring you all the T’c, C’s, P’s and M’s regarding Male Health so you can take care of all your soft and squishy bits, know what to look out for and can play a more active part in male/men’s health. MyCityByNight will be doing our part by bringing you all the info you need to know about men’s health and by raising funds for this cause in a way that we’ve always been particularly good at.

You can follow Ricky and Kreg’s attempt to grow a tache and donate some dollas for a cause, which we feel is an incredibly important one.

Remember, remember, the month of Movember!

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