I Got Remanufactured – Thanks MMD/Beartrap


After a rather large Friday we decided to make a Sunday morning mission up to the trance party. We started the mission at around 4am – even though I aimed to see Tryamabaka’s set, people weren’t giving in and 4am was the set time. The further we drove away from Cape Town, the more hectic the weather got and the more worried the guys became. I had a rad crew with me for our mission, Dr Rex, Psyan Wheezy and Steve Hawkings who ended up taking the crown as the zeffest oke at the party. We got there to clearing up skies and the sounds of Xatrik and Biorythm jamming some tunes together… I could feel we were walking into something special.

Let me tell you something… that was an understatement…

As we walked onto the trance floor,I met Lyle who was quick to take me over  and introduce me to Orca who was all smiles and ready to turn the dance floor into complete mayhem. After a quick chat, I went straight onto the dance floor and met up everyone. The tunes were loud, the sun was coming out, the energy was unlike any I have seen at a party before. It seemed that Tryamabaka had absolutely caned it during the pouring rain and no one on the floor minded one little bit, everyone was still jamming into the sunrise. There were some completely drenched people out there and obviously one or two crazies, who were still going strong when the sun came up… with their shirts off.

Zion Linguist was up next. By now the sun was peaking through the clouds and people had already started making use of the pool next to the dance floor. The mooiness was overflowing… Back to the music, Zion Linguist never really disappoints and this time he came out firing. He definitely threw down some really slamming tunes. One of MyCityByNight’s all time favourites – Skragg, got the chance to drop bombs before Orca. Its the best how Skragg has a very unique way of turning any dance floor up-side-down, within an instance. Tune after tune, he would rentlessly slam bangers through one of loudest sound system I have heard to date. Mr Skragg, you never fail… When can I have a look in that record bag of yours, there is some magic in there!

I never realised how quickly time had passed and when I checked the time again, it was 9:25am. Skragg had mixed his last track in and Orca had finished setting up. The tune built into an absolute monster and the dancefloor sensed what was coming next. The energy was all there, the rig got turned up just that little bit louder and the clouds opened up to provide the perfect surroundings for Orca to DJ. I heard the lyrics to Sad Movies start and I knew it was time. The crowd literally went nuts. Everyone was amped and jumping around like mad. I think I lost around 7 drinks throughout Orca’s set alone to the dance floor thanks to everyone’s rowdy-ness… It was all worth it, every little bit.

Next up, one of the sets of the party for me – Super Evil. The duo of Jimmy and Arno literally smash every dance they step onto these days and on Sunday morning, it was no different. Jimmy got things going nicely and within no time it was banging all over again. Arno was up on the front end of the stage killing the guitar and head banging pushing the crowd to go harder as the beats got grungier and darker. Their Dexter track sticks out in my mind as tune of the party (besides Orca intro with Sad Movies), the melodies have been running through my mind since the party.


Sway was the last DJ we got to see as our time had run short due to lack of funds, alcohol, suncream and every other possible thing to survive. This had made our lives tough and we had now lost playmaker Psyan Weezy to the dance floor and things were becoming a proper battle. I would like to big up Sway for playing one of the maddest day time sets. As well organising one of the best parties I have been to in a while. The sound was loud, the venue was sweet, the crowd and everyone there was great, the weather turned out to be great. Every single DJ (even the ones I missed, by the sounds of things – SwitchCache, Mantis, ARCHIVE v GATAFreak & Tryamabaka) seemed to want to out DJ one and other, taking the level of tunes to a more even harder, craziest, more twisted state of psy and I gaurantee you – EVERYONE appreciates it. The music was truly mind blowing… I didn’t leave the dance floor once. I couldn’t…

Around 2:00pm – Steve Hawkings had began busting moves resembling a mechanical bird and we thought it would be best to take his zef ass home.

Big thanks again to MMD, Beartrap, Lyle, Laura, Dave, Tryamabaka and especially Orca for playing one of the sickest Sunday sessions MyCityByNight has had in a while. Oh, by the way – the new bar at the venue is very sweet and those little pigs were a lot faster than I thought.

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    1. Dude, I still cannot get over how sick Orca was, I wish he stayed here and played a surprise set at Vortex or something!! Would be amazing…

      What a party…

  1. Awesome review! You should have swung past the Bom Shelter Tent … we had free sunscreen on a string and plenty of drinks to share! Amazing party Beartrap/MMD have really set a new standard with this one ^-^

    1. Souljo: Thanks, I tried to remember all I could… I will definitely come find you guys at the Bom Shelter next time, I am still suffering from the sunburn, hehehe… and this offering of drinks, too nice of you guys!

      I have to agree mate: Beartrap MMD definitely raised the bar for the rest with this one… Well done to all involved… 🙂

  2. Hi! Just got here by Googling ‘orca dexter psy’ because that track blew me away! Was so fucking funny on that drop with Doakes “Suprise mother fucker!”. One of the best sets I’ve heard in a long time.

  3. luls … u beat me too it was about to post the same link … first heard this at this year’s beartrap/valentines party in Feb at the same venue.

    1. Yeah, its a killer track. Jimmy and Arno are only going to better… I think a Super Evil interview is in order… what you guys think? 🙂

  4. Wooooo Hoooooo!!!! needed a bit of remanufacturing on Monday! BUT what a fantastic party! Beartrap and MMD ! RESPECT!!!!

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