Relive UMF14 – From A Party Goers POV


We love it when our readers send us stuff, and this great video! It shows off the experience at Ultra Miami 2014, from their point of view and without the massive film production, just GoPro’s. It gives you a lekker feeling of what Ultra is from a ‘normal’ standpoint.

Ultra Music Festival is an EDM music festival that originated in Miami and this March they held their 16th Festival. Three days, seven stages and 6 South Africans, ventured across different oceans to attend the 100 thousand man event. We all flew in from different locations, as you can see from the map in the video. We rented an apartment on Airbnb, 500m from the festival in Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. Our AMAZING apartment was on the 51st floor allowing for magical views across the city and into the festival. We were there for four nights and partied HARD for 4 straight days.

We all attended the first ever Ultra South Africa in JHB this year in February, preparing us for the 3 day festival in Miami. Apparently they have signed on for four more years in both CT and JHB.

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