Release your own POV sextape with these nifty extreme sport film goggles

The Zeal iON HD camera goggles shoot 1080p video and 8 megapixel photos from between the lenses- sounds like the perfect recipe to make your very own POV sextape. I’ve found that a major problem with making sextapes is holding the camera while you get down- sure there are GoPro camera’s you could use but really, who wants to strap a camera to themselves just so they can make a porno.

Colorado-based company Zeal Optics has just announced a new pair of goggles aimed at capturing extreme sports like skiing in full 1080p video using its built-in HD camera. Obviously this is quite cool for extreme sports and the filming of how things go down from an athletes point of view, but I think what they’ve actually done is make it a whole lot easier to shoot your own POV porno. You see, you don’t ever need to use your hands to film, which means you can use your hands to… well you get the point.
John Sanchez, president of Zeal had this to say:
The ZEAL iON is a truly innovative product. Consumers have been waiting for a goggle like this to put technology easily at their fingertips. Our products allow our consumers to share their lives, passions, and experiences, while progressing the industry as a whole.
All I got from that was- you no longer need a tripod to make a porno (see what I did there?).
They are available online for $399.

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