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We have a chat with Bonen from Major7 about Like No Other

Alias: Major7

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The Origin of LIKE NO OTHER:

The album came together through an amalgamation of time and dynamic change due to the times.

“It came up from understanding that there is no rush and that there is no actual near solution in the horizon concerning the returns of events and seizing this opportunity to do deeper music, there is a part of you that always wanted to do but there was no patience, and no “mood” for it, so the best presentation of deeper music for an artist like Major7 would be an album.” – Bonen

Trying to find the real things you can connect with, digging deep, deeper than the usual stuff you were doing before but as well thinking about the all concept of the album, how this track would connect and fit to this kind of album.

“The turning point was AfterLife and that was in August 2020 till then there was a kind of uncertainty that we can actually do it, from then it just started to flow super fast, suddenly you know how to continue drafts you wrote and all the wildest dreams of “I always wanted to do something like that” can come true. The explanation is simple it’s a self confidence that rise and you suddenly feel “untouchable”, all you do have suddenly a strong print of yourself then your music is real the truth and reflect who you are on this moment, you just bring yourself in a new way. Without this you sound fake or just (want to be).” – Bonen

In Our Opinion: The album celebrates the struggle of these most unorthodox times coming together with the understanding that inspiration and spark can come at any time, in the most unexpected places. A welcoming dive deeper into the album presents a look behind the curtain of a very individualistic and unique experience which will stand the test of time on dance floors for years to come.


From The Helm:

  1. What were the expectations set with the new album?
    Bonen: The only expectation is for people to notice & pay attention to it by playing it. The album fits the time and gives a clear indication of the album as a stand-alone artistic representation. It’s deeper than any album we ever done. The personal expectation is that this album will be remembered in the future for what it represents and for its artistic prowess to be huge for many years to come.
  2. What are the main influences for this release?
    Most of it comes from Progressive House, Melodic Techno and even parts of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop. We tend to find a Deeper palate being in lockdown. The tracks have even more time put in compared to what we usually put in and we are truly happy with its diversity.
  3. Can we expect more releases like this?
    Bonen: We like to think that each release (EP or Album or Single) is a specific type, all on its own. We like to think of it as a different “mode” and we are happy with the one we have for the album. We know that have put in a lot of ourselves into the releases and it’s a relief that we achieved what we wanted from it.

Release Date: 12 March 2021
Release Platforms: All Major Sites

Record Label: X7M Records

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