Redbull to sell Smart Cell C deals while Vodacom plans a R200 million brand overhaul

There have been plenty of complaints about Cell C, Trevor and the blatant lack of service that any of them offer to us the customer… In a bid to change this Cell C has partnered with the uber cool energy drink Red Bull to provide a unique collection of cellphone contract packages. It is apparent that Red Bull is hoping to extend its brand identity to more peeps by partnering with Cell C in providing a specialized range of content to customers who take out these new contracts.

This is what Redbull had to say about the new brand partnership: “Red Bull MOBILE is an innovative mobile offering, powered by Cell C’s new generation, superfast HSPA+ 900/2100 network and access to premium Red Bull content on a customised smartphone,” Red Bull said in a statement.” Hopefully this will help Cell C recover from the ballsup of being censored by the Advertising Standards Authority over the 4G campaign (someone kill their marketing team, please). Customers will be able to choose from a host of Android and will have access to regular news and entertainment content for a monthly subscription of R149 over 24 months.

In other news, Vodacom looks set to undergo a massive R200million brand overhaul as it aligns itself to the international Vodafone brand by using their motto of Power to you.

It would certainly be one of the biggest name changes to date in South Africa but will hopefully mean no more annoying ads featuring dancing Indians called Daddy Cool.

As long as Vodacom knows where their digital spend should go to (we’re awaiting that call here at MyCityByNight).

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  1. I actually love daddy cool and also hate seeing the ‘Barclays’ next to ABSA’s name. I therefore feel its just wasting money that could have just been given to us as free call during the day and not @ 3 in the morning. Is it ME or is this redbull thing more like a three times more blackberry service?

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