Redbull NightShift @ Camps Bay Beach


Myself and Cussy Paul decided we had to make a move down to Camps Bay beach to check out Jordy Smith and the boys pulling out some crazy shore breaking moves. What the Redbull Nightshift is for those that don’t know is basically when a surfer gets towed into shore breaking waves at high speeds, allowing them to throw some insanely huge tricks. Thats exactly what we got to see.

Although the water was flatter than Paris Hiltons chest on a good day. There was still enough swell to get the action going. We struggled to find a spot but got to see Craig Anderson the Australian throw some huge moves. Some very familiar faces were on hand at the beach such as Jack Parow, Goldfish and the lovely Liezel Van Der Westhuizen to name a few. The weather in Camps Bay was amazing compared to the rest of Cape Town and we were (as usual) treated to an amazing sunset as well. Check out some of the pictures our mate Bass got of the event:

Jordy and the boys sure know how to throw down some big ass 360’s and some huge cut backs. Big ups to Travis and all the guys and girls from Redbull for putting together an event like this. I must say I was completely blown away by Craig Anderson and some of the moves he was busting on those shore breakers.

All pictures by Mike Bullard

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