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Big ups to the guys over at The Redbull Studio in Cape Town who will be introducing an initative that should have been done a while ago. Basically Tokyo is holding the World Redbull Music Academy and are bringing it to life for all aspiring musicians, beat-makers, dance-floor movers, prodigious producers and soulful singers who are wanting to take their skills to the next level. There will be 3 free workshops which will be held throughout South Africa, with one of the hosts being South Africa’s very own Redbull Music Academy alumni member Black Coffee.

For music makers keen to apply for the Academy* – taking place in Tokyo from October 23 to November 4, and November 13 to November 25, 2011 – the workshops will be held in

Cape Town (Chrome) – Wednesday, March 23 @ 19h30

Johannesburg (The Bank) – Thursday, March 24 @ 19h30

Durban (Max Lifestyle) – Sunday, March 27 @ 10h30


More Info:

 “Intimate, interactive and informative, the workshops are rare opportunities to meet alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy experience, and receive advice and tips on the comprehensive application process to attend the Academy.  Part of similar workshops in over 50 countries worldwide, they will be followed by after-dark performances by South African alumni of the Academy, with Black Coffee as the headline DJ.

 “The workshops in SA will be a taste of what it’s like to attend the Academy,” says Black Coffee, Red Bull Music Academy alumnus. “If you’re serious about getting picked, find the time to check one out. For anyone who wants to take their music career to the next level, the Academy offers the chance to work with some ridiculously talented people and learn more than you can imagine about producing and performing music.”

Those interested in attending any of these events should visit:“” or the Red Bull Bot on MXit for more details about locations and times. 

International success stories from SA

Only a handful of South Africans have benefited from the learning and collaboration offered by the Academy.  Some of the more notable ones include:  

Black Coffee – he now spends as much time touring the world as he does DJing back at home. One of his most legendary gigs was in the Red Bull Music Academy Lounge at Sonar in 2007, where he played the closing set as the sun went down and the revelry of the festival reached its peak.

Culoe De Song – At only 17 years of age, he was chosen to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona in 2008. During the Academy his career was kicked into high-gear after two of his tracks were picked up by Innervisions, one of the most influential house and techno labels. Hitting big overseas before being ‘discovered’ in SA, Culoe De Song regularly releases music for Black Coffee’s Soulistic label, along with other labels; fast catching up to his mentor.

Richard the Third – since attending the Academy in 2004, he has thrived as a prolific producer of Dubstep.  Now a regular DJ at some of the country’s best clubs, Richard is part of the DJ duo Biscope (with his brother Twelv), has toured the USA, Europe and South America; and more recently produced Spoek Mathambo’s successful debut album, as well as joining the red-hot Mshin Wam troupe.

Jullian Gomes ( – another example of the calibre of talent emerging from Red Bull Music Academy, he has been asked to perform at the Sonar festival in Barcelona this June.

I suggest you go on and get involved if you think you have what it takes or even if you are interested to go and take a look – the workshops are free and they are being run by one of South Africa’s most talented producers. I am going to check this out for sure! Either way, you will be hanging out with some of the heavy weights in the South African electronic music industry.

Thats enough to get me there!

***Applicants must be at least 20-years-old to apply – the legal drinking age in Japan – having been born on or before October 22, 1991**

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