Red Bull Studio Roundup: Lella

Newcomer Lella brings a fresh take on Electronica tinged through a Classical lens. Her sound is richly layered and eclectic, and she has honed her skills for many years before releasing any material onto the great wide web. We caught up with her to start putting together the pieces at the beginning of her exploration into African-inspired Electronica. We also had the privilege of helping her mix and master three tracks which are available from our Soundcloud Page (check bottom of article).

Red Bull Studio: When did you start making music?

Lella: I started classical piano at age 6 and took it as a subject at school straight through to Matric. I fell in love with producing electronic music after I had a brief interlude for a couple of months with a Roland 505 years ago and then was fortunate to have access to an electronic studio for the last 5 years.

Red Bull Studio: Describe your influences, musically and other?

I’ve been surrounded by people with huge music collections most of my life. So I’ve been influenced by all the different genre’s of music I got exposed to. My taste in music is wide and comes across in the many different styles of music I like to produce.

Red Bull Studio: Where can you see your music going in the future ie: do you want to play live shows?

At the moment I just want to get my music out there for people to enjoy. Sure, if the opportunity presents itself for a Live Ableton sunset set, I’ll take it! You never know you might catch me at the Red Bull Stage @ Sonar one day.

Red Bull Studio: Favourite genre’s of music?

Anything that makes me want to dance my heart out! Ultimate favourite genre is by far real old school electro like Kraftwerk / Anthony Rother / Miss Kitten / Dopplereffekt / Carl A. Finlow. Then guys like Konrad Black / Seth Troxler / Ectomorph / Tiefswartz / Tiga / Deniz Kurtel and Azari & III rocks my world at the moment!

Red Bull Studio: What equipments are you using to produce?

MacBook Pro / Logic Pro / Novation Keyboard

Red Bull Studio: Do you DJ?

No. I like it front and centre on the dance floor too much!

Red Bull Studio: Any extra info you want people to know as your first article?

Any good vocalists out there that want to collaborate?

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