Red Bull Studio Roundup: DJ Hamma

DJ Hamma was in studio last week to record Cape Tonian on-the-rise Afrikaans rapper Jitsvinger along with other Mother City emcees such as the hotly tipped Youngsta.

Hamma is somewhat of an institution in SA Hip-Hop originally hailing from Cape Town, he worked up the ranks of early Mother City Hip-Hop scene pioneered by the likes of POC and Ready D. Many people around the country will remember him as the DJ for Brasse Vannie Kaap, the Afrikaans Hip-Hop crew who rose to prominence in the late 90’s and toured extensively around the country.

These days he can be found in Johazardousburg, throwing parties such as Dusty Crates, working as one third of the formidable Spindle Sect trio and producing music for the likes of HHP, Tumi (from the Volume) and Zubz.

Much of his heart still remains in Cape Town and he is particularly passionate about the exceptionally talented Jitsvinger, who undoubtedly has the potential to be one of SA’s brightest young Afrikaans musicians. Watch this space, and in the meantime take a look at this unofficial video, shot at the Red Bull Studio over a year ago, for the track “Niks om te se nie”:

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