Red Bull Studio Live Line up for Oppikoppi

The line-up:

The Red Bull Studio Live Stage at Oppikoppi 2012 plans to explore, educate, enthrall, but most importantly entertain all those lucky enough to experience it.


13:00        Red Bull Studio presents Introspectum
17:30        MX Doppe’
19:00        SoulSista
20:30        2lani the Warrior
22:00        Oskido
23:30        Unsound System
01:00        Monique Pascall & T-Minus
02:30        Nick Grater
04:00        Offline


13:00        Fletcher
14:30        Raiko
16:00        Blotchy
17:30        Mr Sakitumi & Grrrl
18:30        Veranda Panda
19:30        Mix n Blend
21:00        PH Fat
21:45        Phizicist

22:45        Twelv & Thesis
23:30        Rudeone
00:30        Haezer
01:30        Baskerville
02:30        Killer Robot presents RAM
04:00        Offline


13:00        Rebel Clef
14:30        Big Space
15:30        Terrence Pearce
16:30        Diggin 4 Dodge
18:00        Floyd Lavine
19:00        Marshall
20:00        The Frown
21:00        PHDJ
22:00        Sideshow
23:00        Sibot
00:00        Diplo
01:30        Das Kapital
02:30        Pascal & Pearce
03:30        Kid Fonque
05:00        Offline

There are honestly too many awesome acts on that line up… Who are you most looking forward too?

Nick Grater closing the first night, Killer Robot closing the second and Pascal and Pearce & Kid Fonque closing the final night, we are in for a treat. Sibot into Diplo will be world class. Thank you Red Bull… THANK YOU!

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