Red Bull Studio Live at Rocking the Daisies Line-up

If you want to know where the MyCityByNight crew will be during the weekend of Rocking The Daisies, look no further. We’ll be spending most of our weekend in the Red Bull Rave Cave just like last year.

Make sure you print a list/write it on your arm/take a mental image of the acts you want to see cause there are a load of great acts over lapping across various dance floor. We have the sunset hours of the evening nailed down by some of Cape Town’s finest! Once the sun goes down, expect mayhem on the Friday night with the likes of  Grandmaster Flash & Koan Sound and the local favourites Pascal & Pearce.

Saturday is another ball game in itself… But check it out for yourself and get ready to ‘Rock it with the Crazies’ next weekend!

FRIDAY, 5 October

13:00    Rebel Clef
14:00    Oltak
15:00    Soulo Starr
16:00    Dank
16:45    Raiko
18:00    Jakobsnake
19:00    Leighton Moody
20:00    Terrence Pearce
21:00    Bruno Morphet
22:00    Black Motion
23:00    Grandmaster Flash
00:00    Koan Sound
01:30    Das Kapital
02:30    Pascal & Pearce
03:30    Afterlife
04:30    Close
SATURDAY, 6 October

11:00    DJ Tempo
13:00    Christian Tiger School
14:00    Card on Spokes
15:00    Blotchy
16:00    Nastie Ed
17:00    Kabila
18:00    Floyd Lavine
19:00    Toby2Shoes 
20:00    Youngsta
20:30    Yoda
21:30    Rudeone
22:30    Twelv & Thesis
23:30    Toy Toy
01:00    Goldfish
02:00    Agoria
03:30    Space Time Continuum
05:00    Close

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