Red Bull Street Style World Final- our take

Redbull Street Style Finals in Cape Town South Africa

Last night the MyCityByNight crew was out enjoying some of the best freestyle football on the planet courtesy of the very fine people over at Redbull (woop woop!)… Now its time that we gave you the lowdown on the event as a whole.

Street Ballers warming up

Let me begin by saying, both Kreg and I thoroughly enjoyed the event- we were going absoloutely nuts the entire time and we’re pretty sure that we’ll be on at least 4 international sports shows based on our crowd antics. The only niggle that I did have with the event is that the organisers neglected to take into account the little natural phenomenom that we have here in CT called the the Cape Doctor. The Cape Doc (as it likes to be called these days), is a ridiclously strong South Easter that pumps through the Mother city with great ferocity, expelling pollution, lifting skirts over heads and blowing bergies clean away as it blows through the CBD.

The stage was unfortunately set up in a manner that created a wind tunnel right onto the stage where the streetballers were battling- making ball control exceptionally difficult at some points and thus the accompanying tricks all that more impressive. Redbull managed to do a little bit of a tweak to the structure making it a whole lot more bearable even if at the cost of an hour delay to the event’s start.

Jolling outside the Redbull tent

Spectators werent really phased and they decided to keep themselves warm in the wind by jamming hard and making the circle bigger courtesy of some tunes thumped out by the Redbull vans. In the courtyard, guys were busting a few skills and it wasnt long before I joined in on a game of piggy in the middle street soccer style- It was awesome I busted a trick or two and then retired from the game before embarassing myself!

Both of the presenters were pretty cool and handled the night well, keeping people amped through all of the battles- the only thing that still confused me was how Trevor Noah (one of the hosts/presenters) managed to develop an American accent all in the period of 24 hours… strange.

They had BeatBoxers, dancers and a pretty slamming main act along with local dj hero Ready D on the decks keeping the crowd entertained and bouncing in their seats…


Anyways the battling was crazy and the judges did their bit apart from a dodgy call that saw UK baller Andrew Henderson get knocked out even though he was miles better (thanks Edgar Davids- pictured below).


So big up to Azun, Red Bull and of course to Cape Town- we really showed that come the World Cup we’ll show the world an appreciation of football and celebration like they’ve never seen it before.

Redbull Final 16

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