Red Bull Stratos 120 000 ft Skydive- October 8th 2012

All the other brands trying to compete with the likes of Red Bull in the arena of extreme had best retire. In the latest effort to make it rain from the energy drink manufacturers they are now going to be attempting a 120 000 ft skydive from the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Well known for dominating the F1, skating, cliff diving, base jumping and just about everything else they’re involved in, they’ve turned their sights to a stunt that tops all of their previous efforts (literally). On October 8th, Red Bull will send renowned base jumper Felix Baumgartner to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere- somewhere around 120,000ft to jump out of a Redbull pod and sky dive all the back to the safety of the ground far far below.

You can imagine the PR and branding opportunities with something as awesome as this- provided Felix doesn’t die this is going to one hard act to follow. Check out the pre-video of exactly how the jump is going to go down come the 8th of October. It’s like something out of science-fiction novel. Could you imagine pitching this idea to client? WOW!

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