Red Bull Mobile – Oh it GIVES you Wings (Official Launch in Jozi)


It’s not often that you see so many giants collaborating to make, what had to be; one of the most successful launches this year!

Turbine Hall will never be the same again! The VIP list ran deeper than Madonna’s list of sexual partners!


Tuesday 8th February, Cell C announced the birth of RBM – Red Bull Mobile. I say AMEN to bringing on some competition… for so long it’s been Vodacom & MTN dominating our mobile devices. I myself recently jumped over to my Woosh 3G and I totally love it. No dropped connection, it’s fast and I always have signal!


The Beat Bangaz wowed us, while Black Coffee smashed up the decks with ease.

I was suddenly elated that I’d given up my tickets for Saturdays concert… On stage, live, non other than Goldfish & the very talented Faithless!

Lightning and sound was FAmazing! World Class guys. Kudo’s for redeeming the epic fail at Gallagher the weekend – nuff said on that topic! I’m still walking on clouds after the event! Get goosebumps when I view the video clips from the evening!


When you say Red Bull, my mind automatically drifts off to adrenalin pumping excitement such as surfing, F1, Nascar, Air Racing, Freestyle Motorcross… well practically about 90% of my Bucket List!

They have so many reputable names on their honour roll, why not trust them to take a stab at mobile industry in SA?

That being said, Cell C have been hard at work trying to gain trust in the market place, cleverly utilizing Trevor Noah as their C.E.O (Customer Experience Officer) – so what’s not to like?!

So now some of the Tech stuff:

RBM will launch in Cell C Franchise stores 25 February 2011!

Red Bull Mobile will offer two aggressively priced postpaid contract packages — no prepaid options are available at launch. The first contract, called RBM 100, costs R149/month; the second, RBM 200, is R249/month. Both products include free handsets, airtime minutes and bundled data.

  • Each package offers a choice of two phones, with Google Android-based devices comprising three of the four handsets available.
  • The RBM 100 package offers a choice between a Red Bull Mobile-branded Android smartphone with 2,8-inch touch screen called the RBM C and a Nokia 5230 touch-screen phone powered by Symbian.
  • The RBM 200 contract offers a choice between the Red Bull Mobile-branded (and Android-powered) RBM HD, which looks similar to the HTC Desire HD, and the Motorola MB525, a 3,7-inch touch-screen device also running Android.
  • The RBM 100 contract includes 100 anytime minutes, 50 text or multimedia messages and 250MB of data a month. The second contract includes 200 monthly anytime minutes, 100 messages and 500MB of monthly data. In both cases, consumers have to sign up for 24-month contracts.
  • Out of bundle rates are 40c/MB for data on the R149/month package and 30c/MB on the R249 plan; calls are R1,50/minute out of bundle, billed by the minute, day or night. Data bundles will be available soon after launch for subscribers who expect to use more than the data allocated in the contracts.

For more information on phones, their stats, weights, dimensions and features, jump onto


And last but not least, Red Bull MOBILE customers get exclusive and special invites and first right to tickets for Red Bull events such as Red Bull Racing at the Top Gear Live Festival in March, as well as your personal monthly copy of The Red Bulletin, for free.


I’m still finding my feet in the Social vibe Jozi side, getting connected one event at a time… So for the moment I ride on the tail of some of the more established flair such as the likes of the Sensei’s at Thanks for helping me out with some street cred by hooking me up with access to the event. Much love for you boys!

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  1. totally rad! Wish I coulda made it, but i just couldn;t free up the evening. Red Bull took me to Mexico once to watch FMX. I have a soft spot for them. they’re awesome…

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