Red Bull Music Academy World Tour, 1st stop… Cape Town

The Redbull Studio and Cape Town will be taking part in massive GLOBAL musical initiatives which stops in only 10 countries worldwide. The Assembly will play host to this insane event, something Cape Town or South Africa has never seen before. Dillinja (one of my favourite Drum n Bass producers) along with K-aze and a handful of South Africa’s most banging DJ’s, producers & musical creatives (including MyCityByNight) will be able to see the ‘build’ of one of South Africa’s craziest sound system, basically the workshop will be the day construction begins on the MEGA BOOM BOX which will then be used by all the DJ’s on the line up on the following days of the tour.

Check out the following information below and MAKE SURE you don’t miss this.

Mother City to birth massive musical creation

Sonic gurus and SA musos to build enormous sound system
to tour SA – part of 10-city Red Bull Music Academy World Tour

August 23, 2011 (Cape Town) – As the first stop on the 10-city Red Bull Music Academy World Tour, Cape Town will host the creation of a massive sound system from August 29 to September 1.  Under the guidance of Dillinja and K-aze – the visionaries behind the world-famous Valve Sound System (UK) – and SIAN, DJ and founder of Octopus recordings (UK); some of South Africa’s most prolific crews, DJs, promoters, producers and creative collectives will be part of the build. As a tribute to the nucleus of club culture, the sound system will then travel to some of the country’s largest musical events.

UK sound gurus in SA

As the creators of the legendary 96K Valve Sound System – the world’s first sound system designed and built specifically for drum ‘n bass – Dillinja and K-aze are versatile producers and mix masters. Since the mid 1990s, the duo has had a massive influence on drum ‘n bass and dance music in general, having championed the first filtering drums technique, distorted basslines and unique Amen breakbeat patterns. With an otherworldly and hypnotic take on techno, SIAN is globally respected for his avant-garde approach to club culture and his trademark experimental DJ-ing style, his tracks show an otherworldly, slow and hypnotic slant on techno. Quickly developing an oeuvre of work that has appeared on Bedrock,Sci&Tec,Soma Pokerflat,plus his own white hot new Octopus label,his tracks have seen Beatport top ten positions and glowing reviews alike.From mags and blogs to international radio shows,his reputation for delivering huge slabs of peak time techno is snowballing.Reworked and remixed by talent like Steve Bug,Pan-Pot,Efdemin,Minilogue along the way,he has also dropped super big mixes for the likes of Guy J and Gui Boratto. Having already toured half the world,schooling heaving crowds and bringing his trademark experimental DJ-ing style to the masses via multiple outputs of explosive techno,fx and loops-all cut up and edited live.

‘Maximum Signal Control’

When completed, the collaborative construction of the world-class system will be capped off by a three-day festival of sound. Taking place at The Assembly in Cape Town, September 1-3, it will feature a full spectrum of electronic music where all participating local crews will have the opportunity to perform on the newly built system alongside world-renowned selectors. Check this out:

Red Bull Academy World Tour

In advance of the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid – running October 23 to November 4 and November 13 to November 25 – events will be being held in Berlin, Cape Town, Detroit, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Rome, São Paulo and Toronto as part of a global exploration of some of the most crucial musical movements. Each stop will delve into unique elements of the Red Bull Music Academy experience, bringing together influential musicians from various corners of the world across different eras of music to pay tribute to the pioneering sounds that paved the way for today’s deepest funk and hip hop.  To learn more about each stop on the World Tour, visit

About the Red Bull Music Academy

For more than 13 years, the Red Bull Music Academy has brought together musicians, producers and artists from around the world in various cities, including Barcelona, Cape Town, Melbourne and London.  Listen to interviews and live shows by distinguished alumni of the Academy such as Flying Lotus, Jamie Woon, Natalia Lafourcade and Aloe Blacc, from among 4000 club and festival recordings, DJ sets and documentary formats on Red Bull Music Academy Radio:

Follow: @RBMA (#RBMAWorldTour)

Local participants in the sound system build include:

  • Fletcher
  • Haezer
  • Sibot
  • Niskerone
  • Killer Robot
  • Markus Wormstorm
  • Leighton Moody
  • DJ MX
  • DJ Switch
  • The Ruffest
  • Regan Tacon
  • Jullian Gomes
  • Thibo Tazz
  • Mr. Sakitumi
  • Counter Strike
  • Hyphen
  • Richard The Third
  • Card on Spokes
  • B Team
  • Audiophile 021
  • O’ltak
  • Kid Fonque
  • Lapse
  • Magnum Hi Fi
  • The Liver

Stops on the Red Bull Music Academy Tour 2011:

  • Cape Town (September 1-3)
  • Berlin (September 7-9)
  • Paris (September 10-11)
  • Detroit (September 12-18)
  • Toronto (September 23)
  • Melbourne (September 24-25)
  • New York City (September 26-October 2)
  • Rome (October 3-4)
  • Sao Paulo (October 5-7)
  • London (October 13)

More Info on the International Acts:

 Dillinja is a name synonymous with some of drum `n’ bass’ baddest global anthems. Since the early 90s the Brixton-born producer has dropped sound killers with a trademark `valve bass’ sound so low and dense that only specially designed sound systems could do it justice. A prolific producer, his catalogue of dubs and dedication to sound has earned him an iconic status few can match.

K-aze aka Lemon D:

UK-based K-aze aka Lemon D has had a long and esteemed career in the drum’n’bass world. His smash releases on V Recordings, Tru Playaz, Reinforced and Metalheadz have earned him icon status in the scene, and his partnership with Dillinja in Valve Sounds System has ensured that it will stay that way for a long, long time.

Valve Sound System:

Valve Sound System is a touring sound system built by UK artists Dillinja and K-aze aka Lemon D, specifically designed for the exacting playback of drum `n’ bass music. Consisting of fifty-two subwoofers and custom-made mid-high cabs by Funktion One, the system needs three 7.5 ton lorries to transport it. To say that it’s a beast is probably an understatement.


Sian’s slow hypnotic take on techno might turn main rooms into flotation tanks, but he manages to marry the spacious with the immediate in effortless style. The Dubliner has had a steady rise to notoriety with his otherworldly 5am style mood music, and his dedication to sound and space makes him a special choice to put the Signal Control sound system to the test.

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